Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pay it forward.

Last year...I think, I was one of the lucky ones to get my name down to be in the Pay It Forward.  To be honest, I completely forgot about it (which is not unlike me).

This week, I received a few parcels of completed blocks, but one parcel looked out of place. 
What could this be?  It didn't take me long to open it to find a fantastic mug rug from Sarah.

I have always admired Sarah from FairyFace Designs mug rugs and now I have one. 
Yippee!  (I'm also admiring your business card)
Sarah I have kept it as my Sunday it has come out today...  Thank you very much.
So to continue the Pay It Forward,  I need 3 of my faithful readers to respond. 

Here are the rules if you want to play.....(straight from Sarah's blog.)

1.  I will make a little gift for the first 3 people to comment on this post. It will be delivered to you some time in the next 365 days and will be a surprise :-)

2.  By commenting, you are committing to take part in the fun of in Pay It Forward yourself by making something for 3 readers of your blog!

3.  You must have a blog to take part.

4.  You need to post about Pay It Forward on your blog once you receive your little something so as to keep the fun going

So....want to take part? Just leave a comment :-)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sewing patterns for two.

This is what I have been up to of late...

Trying to make up some tops for work.
You see these skinny tops for maternity wear are not for me and working with children, I need to have tops that my ever growing boobs will not pop out of when I bend over to pick up crayons or jigsaws off the ground.
So when I saw last week that Kate from M is for Make had the Tova top pattern back in stock, I snapped one up.

I may have to ajust a bit more room for the front but that will be easy.
I do have to find some fabric for this one yet.
Any suggestions?

My collection of Japanese pattern books are coming in handy too....lots of lovely patterns that I can use.
This is what I hope to make with my fabric.

All the patterns and fabric were bought at M is for Make.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Green all the way

My first blocks for my bee month came in this week...5 stars for you Karen.
And look at that.  It's the green blocks just in time for St Patrick's Day.

I have decided to start sticking them on my wall in my dining area for the time being...and look I put a bit of Guinness colour in too...

Another two colours are on their way...As you can see this is the first time that I have bee Queen Bee so I am quite excited when my blocks arrive.
Another parcel arrived this week...

A top secret not really but I'll let you see what I got.
A rainbow of colours and my choice of solids...Kona.  Yum!
Have some time to do this but will not show you the end quilt until the project is finished.
Enjoy your weekend (It's a Bank Holiday weekend for us in Ireland...he, he!)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Ummm Brown??

Hey.. Who said brown is not cool???
My bee block that I made for the Modern Irish Bee. 
Yes I ditched the Low Volume charms...( I have another idea for day) and stuck with one LV fabric...Crosshatch in grey which I was excited that Kate from M is for Make stocked...
I knew that no one would take brown when I put up the list of colours to choose in out bee....really I would never pick it too but I was quite surprised when I went through my stash, how much I had of this colour.
So on to the next block...almost finished, and then on to some playing around with my new camera that hasn't come out of the box yet.....I may have to take some photos of the snow today!
Happy sewing.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Something is Buzzing in the Bee Hive.

I was trying to finalise my bee block for the month on March for the Modern Irish Bee.   See it is the first time that I have been the Queen Bee and there are many ideas buzzing through my scatty brain over the past month. 
This was my idea but I think there is far too much buseeeeeey - ness going on and my little star is getting lost in the Low Volume background.  
Before I cut into some other background fabric to send my starved colony of bees to work, (I think they are buzzing with impatience for me to get my parcels of honey out to them) Is it going to look too much? or am I better sticking with one coloured background?
Queen, buzz, buzz.