Monday, November 4, 2013

Unpacking the sewing machine.

I cant seem to stop starting projects.

I have been meaning to make a few little things for myself over the past few months but just haven't got around to doing them..

I finally found a pattern by Cloud 9 for a knitting needle roll here. It will be tackled before Christmas.

And I am making a few of these sewing kits that were in the Zakka Style  book.

picture from Amazon

Judith from Just Jude gave me some really lovely thick linen pieces last year and I have been stashing them away until I found the right project.
I'm also going to use some of my liberty fabric that I bought last year. 
I'm not a big fan of Liberty fabric....ok  shun me if you want. 
 I can here all the gasps and horrors that you are all saying. 
 I just don't get it.  I do like some of the silks but these are not really my favourite so I'm happy to cut them up and use them.  I'm not going to use a second contrasting printed fabric.
I need a little sewing kit for my knitting bag and another one for my hand sewing purse so am going to make three...(which so makes sense Erin...)  You never know I may need another one.

(three months have been and gone since writing this...and my little bundles are still the same)

Sewing machine was unpacked this week and my wee one let me have a little time to sew..
(I'm very happy today)

I hope to show something soon.

Happy sewing.