Sunday, May 11, 2014

Chevron rainbow quilt

Many moons ago I bought a charm pack from Karen at Blueberry Park.

I fell in love with the bright contrasting colours and that splash of grey that Karen has used with her fabulous designs.
I did  know that I would use the charm pack (and not just sit in my stash to make it look pretty) but I would have to admit that it took me a little while to decide what I was going to make from the pack. 
I do think it was in the wee early hours of the morning that I made my decision...a chevron quilt.

I used Kona Ash and Kona white with the charm pack to make up the top, 
HST's seem to be my thing...I can't seem to get past them when I think of making a quilt top.

The quilt top didn't really take long to make but then it sat for a long long a little girl arrived and took up a lot of my time.
This is where I stalled again.  I sometimes know exactly how to quilt the top before I even start a quilt and other times I ponder.  This was one of those times...I just couldn't decide if I would FMQ or just do some straight lines.  

But a few months ago somehow there seemed to be a bit of time in the day to get the machine out again and it just came to me.  I sat down at the machine and I began to to quilt.

I know it would not be to every one's taste but as it was a little quilt..( 24 "x 32") I thought I would try something different.

Again it sat on my sewing table for another few months as now I couldn't decide on the binding colour.  I knew I wanted a solid but what the end I went for Kona Navy, and I was glad I did.

Ikea print on the back...nicely priced for backing fabric.

And there you are, finally a quilt finished.  What to do with it, I do not know but happy there is another WIP finished and off my sewing table.

Thanks Karen for such a lovely inspiring charm pack, I will be retuning for another soon.

Happy Sewing,


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Getting my bee hive to work.

May already.....did I really put my name down to be Queen Bee for The Modern Irish Bee for May thinking that I would be organised enough to be ready at the start of the month?

Last year I made some  Road to Tennessee blocks for Jan at Isisjem for the Bee a Brit Stingy group.
I fell in love with Jan's quilt and told myself that I need to put this down as a great quilt that would use up all my scraps, (or everyone elses)

So this is it.  I want a quilt just like that.  Jan used a Tutorial that Sarah @ Sew Me.  has written.  I found it easy to follow then and want to return to it again for my quilt.

For each 12 1/2 " finished block you will need......

 32  x  2" squared blocks of Kona White
I have also put in a few Kona Ash to replace some of the white blocks.  If you want to do this you are more than welcome, but I would only like a splash of the ash.  I am not bothered where the ash is when you sew your little blocks up.

16 x 3 1/2"  of lovely bright colours using modern fabric. As Jan said to us, think of summer,  Aqua, yellows, oranges, reds, pinks. You can put in dark purple, navy blue but not too much please.  I am not keen on fabrics for this quilt that have lots of black and brown or dark green.  Batiks are not a favourite of mine, and I don't want obvious children's prints in it either.  (sorry for being so fussy)

I am looking for two 12 1/2 " blocks please.

Like Sarah has mentioned in her tutorial you will need to draw a line down the 2" blocks, it makes life a lot easier and the blocks will come together better.

What is great about this block is the chain sewing.  It really does come together really quickly once you have dome all the cutting.

You can find the thread that I use at a great price at Threads and sew more (did you like that Fiona)

Once you have made your little blocks it is time to put them together. 
Follow Sarah's tutorial and please, please, please use a SCANT seam.

My blocks came out just over 12 1/2" 
Don't worry if yours do too.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with and getting all these little parcels in the mail.

Happy Sewing