Sunday, July 29, 2012

In the Frame Purse Swap

I've been really bad on this swap...
( but will have to say that Nicky and Helen have done a wonderful job in running it!)
It has taken me forever to get myself organised and with far too much procrastination over the past few weeks I finally got myself organised. (with my list of things to achieve for the  'I must do' list.)

A combination of two weeks holidays, finishing up in one job and starting another (yes there are jobs out there in Ireland....believe it or not)  has got me out of any routine and getting sewing time has been a bit of a hit and miss.
Now back to the Frame Purse Swap...Here it second ever purse made and I know that there will be many more ( because I went a bit bananas on ordering so many frames.)

Lots of photos so will let them do the talking....I was very happy the way it turned out. 
fabric used was
Ruby Star Spring Melody Miller
Essex Linen
Quilt Blocks (lining) Moda
All fabric was bought from M is for Make.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Buzz, buzz, buzz.........

I decided to bite the bullet and join my first Quilting Bee...

The Modern Quilting Guild is having it's first Bee and seeing everyone else seems to have fun from all their bee's, I thought that when one popped up, I would try it out...  I hope I won't disappoint.
A little scared but hey it can't be that hard...Or is it? 
Mmm, I better get myself organised for next March.......

This month was Sarah from Faryface Designs

Sarah asked us to make two blocks of Mod Mosaic Quilt Blogs from  Elizabeth's blog Oh Fransson. Sarah, such great blocks to choose.  I can't wait to see this quilt top.

Sarah's parcel arrived and I got to work on these this weekend....yes a little later than others but they are done.  Like a few others in the bee, I did find them a little tricky and although I thought I was doing OK on the first but the second was a lot harder.

We had an option to include a few scraps in as well and so I did as my second (red/pink) was a little on the small might have been because while I was almost finished I found this on the floor.....

It must have been a sock in it's past life!

So here they are Sarah...hope you like them.  They will be in the post on Monday so on the 9pm train down to Cork.

Hope they arrive safely!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

My first Purse!

A while ago I joined Nicky and Helen in a purse swap.

So I whipped this up this evening.

Not bad for my first go?


And the inside....
It's looking for a bit of money...any givers...throw it in....

A little bit more practise tomorrow and I could crack this!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

3rd Quarter ALREADY!

OK so seeing that I couldn't finish even two quilts for the last quarter of Rhonda's Finish a long, I didn't get over to Rhonda's in time to link up but I really am delighted that I finished the quilts off.

  I am going to put up for this quarter 1 .....yes.... 1 project.  I really don't know if I have anything else in the cupboard that is to be finished. 

So here we are.... a few months a go...maybe more, I got out a Jelly Roll that was sent to me (my original package was lost in the mail.) and I thought that it was time to use it up. (Blogged here)  I remember saying that I had never used log cabins before and wanted to try them out (although I love the wonky log cabins)  Ha .... look it was on my Winter Stitching ...Sorry Sarah never got this finished...ops!

This is how far I got......  Well really, I think I got twelve log cabins done.

Mmm I have a little work to be done.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Am I too late for a link up?

Rhonda ... Am I too late to link these two quilts up for the Finish a long?

Probably but hell, I'll link them up anyway.

A long time ago...I bought some fabric and made a quilt for a friend for her new baby boy.  The quilt front was quick to make and because in the beginning I was never sure on how much fabric I needed to buy, I had a good bit of fabric left over. 
The next two quilts that I made in the 'It's a Hoot' fabric I thought that I would do the same but make a few little log cabin blocks for the backs.

Nothing too exciting I know but my challenge this quarter was to FMQ on each quilt. 
Now you have to understand that FMQ just scares me and I have put this task off for the past two months.  Really I shouldn't have worried and wow how quick is to use FM than my usual straight stitching.......this could become a regular thing.

So here are my unfinished products and you can see here where I did discuss the what I wanted to achieve this quarter and here on the original blog about my blocks that were made for the backs of the two quilts.

And below are my two quilts. 

Quilt 1 has AB polka dots in green for the binding and a bit of Kona Grass Green in the quilt.

Quilt 2 has AB Blue polka dots for the binding and Kona blue on the back

Quilt No. 2 I think is heading to Oz to my new nephew.....
Quilt 1....mmmm I am thinking of putting it up as my first item on my Etsy store...
will I, won't I, will I......