Saturday, September 14, 2013

Energizer Bunny.

I have been lead astray of late, but  all because of good cause...

This not so little (anymore) bundle of joy arrived a month ago and Cora has kept me on my toes since day one.
Very alert and loves to stay up all day and has to be poked and prodded to wake up at night to feed.
I'm not complaining...just at the end of the day I need to recharge the batteries again...I feel like that pink bunny running around all day.
I have been really bad at looking at any blog but am finding Instagram on my little iPod a saviour 
during the day when I want to have a wee escape from it all.

I have my stamp swap to finish and am trying to keep up with the bee blocks coming in but you can understand when all I want to do is cuddle.
So forgive me if you haven't heard from me.