Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sew Sew Sew.

I have been finishing up bits and pieces this week

One of my first projects was to make a cover for this little buddy...My Kenwood.

Kenny ( I know not the most original name)  sits on my kitchen bench.  Although if I had the cupboard space I would put him away, but then I don't think I would use him as much if he was tucked away. 
Well, he was getting a bit dusty ( as things do) and thought that he needed a cover and this is where this little parcel came to my rescue..... 1/2 yard of Summerville Oil Cloth (or Laminate.)

Before I got to even sew I realised that I needed another small piece, so back to Lucie's shop on Etsy and another FQ bought....that should do it! (Lucie must think I am mad)

I have never used Laminated fabric before so there was some unpicking and a bit of fussing with the  settings on the sewing machine to accommodate for the thickness of the fabric but really I was very happy with the final product.

 ( Don't mind those rotten tiles in the background...the are going very, very soon.....)

I have also been making some cards for when I (hope) to sell a few quilts.  I thought that I could put the washing instructions on the back so the buyer will know the best way to look after their quilt.
It's a great way to use up bits of fabric that you have in the scrap box.

My cushion was stuffed with some old stuffing but I think it may need some more.

And some quilting was done...two quilts to finish for the Finish a long that Rhonda is hosting.  
I have to get these finished before the end of the month....better get cracking on them.....
It is really my first time trying FMQ to quilt.  I'm a straight line gal so it has been a challenge.

Mmm a cup of tea is well deserved I think before I get cracking on the binding.

Happy Sewing!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Dont forget!

I got in this swap by the skin of my teeth ....

Yep.. I have been a bit forgetful and not had enough time last week to get to the computer in the evenings.
Yes girls... It was me that you were ALL waiting on!  I'll put my hand up high. 
I must have left my comment on one of the other threads and didn't get my mosaic up till very, very late!  Ops.   There is always one.
Very excited about this swap.   Something I have always wanted to try but ....  so thanks Nicky and Helen and anyone else I have missed...I'm in and am rearing to go!

Beth at Plum and June is hosting a blog hop...getting to know you. 
Load and loads of great tutorials going on each week...head over and check them out!

Tuesday June 19
Jennifer from Sewlandia
Nicole from Mama Love Quilts

Thursday June 21
Suzanne from SuzClaas
Mina from Kindaquilty

See you there.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Hello Mr Postman

A few wee parcels found themselves on my doorstep this week....
I had read on blogland that Sumerville is now available in oil cloth so when I went hunting for it look what else I found.
These little goodies were found in Lucie's Etsy store
I really love the sticky tape.
My new stash of Sumersville is going to be made into a cover for my beloved Kenwood!
 Thanks Lucie, I am so happy with it.

I would say my dear postie is quite sick of writing out little notes for me to collect my parcels from the post office so these days he just puts them behind the flower pot at the front door.
When hubby got his new phone delivered the other day our postman had a laugh at him and said that finally he has a parcel for someone else.....

'Quilt Blocks' collection by Ellen Luckett Baker

I had seen this collection over at Red Pepper Quilts and did fall for it at once (as you can see!)
I really don't know what I will make with it yet but I'm sure it will come to me one day.

And I forgot that I had ordered this a few months ago at but was delighted to find it the door this week when I got home today. 
I'm looking forward to getting it out this weekend with a cuppa and the yellow sticky notes.

Rain forcast for the weekend so looks like it will be a good sewing day tomorrow!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

A little bit here and there.

Does anyone else work on three or four little projects at the same time? 
I know that we all have many projects on the go but I seem to find myself sewing a bit of one project and then get the next out and do a bit of that and then go back to the first and do a bit more stitching on it and then stop for a cuppa and then........

I think my problem is that I really try and get away without changing thread or the foot on the sewing machine.  It's all that stopping and starting and changing thread that I dislike and then to realise that you need the white thread again to do only a small line of sewing.  
(I think that is called 'Laziness' Erin)

The only bonus of chopping and changing is that I seem to finish a few projects together.
Last week I started my Mini Quilt for a swap with a member of the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild.
Some of you may remember that I came up with a few ideas and couldn't decide which mini quilt top I would use.  In the end I chose the grey/pink top to head to my partner and the other tops were made into two cushions. 

Very dense quilting ...1/4 inch straight stitching...lucky it was only a cushion and not a large quilt!

I'm very happy with this cushion. 
I will defiantly go back and make some more cushions in this style.

My second cushion is  ever so big. Just under 30" square.  Um don't know if I can get a cushion insert for this one but, I'm sure if I look around I will find something to fill it. 
Until then it will have to be a nice flat cushion.

So the mini quilt....I didn't want to rush things. Although I am going to do some hand stitching around the squares, I still haven't decided what type of FMQ I am going to use.
(yes I'm going to step out of my comfort zone and do some FMQ)

This week's lucky bloggers are:

Tuesday June 12
Kelly from Jeliquilts
Yzo from Chez Roo

Thursday June 14
Debbie from A Quilter's Table (Can't wait Debbie)
Once again looking forward to seeing what you are all making.
Thanks again for all that are dropping by in the past few weeks and have joined my little blog.
And a special thanks to Beth:  I am getting a great response!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mini Quilt

I'm having one of those weekends that I am being left to myself and the offer has been taken up with glee.

I have a quilt swap coming up and my partner requested pink.   I was a little worried because I didn't think I had much in the range of pink but hey look what I found.  It's quite scary to think that I don't know what is in my stash of fabric upstairs.....

Although I like to sew from a pattern there are times where I just like to just go with the flow and cut and sew.

My mini quilt is to be 18" by 18"   So I realised when I was sewing these squares together that my quilt was a little bit bigger than I thought it would be.  Ops That's OK, hubby said I could make it into a cushion ( a very big cushion)....That's a good idea!

Back to the drawing board, I then cut up the same fabric into 2 1/2" squares and got the size.
I used Medium Grey Kona for the boarding. 

(Sorry for the photos today...there hasn't been much sunshine this weekend.)

There were a good amount of small scraps left and I really didn't want them to be thrown out.
( there is no room to put any more in my box of scraps)
I decided to grab my newest book Quilting Line and Colour By Yoshiko Jinzenji and I made this also...
Now I don't know which top I will make into a Mini Quilt.

I must head off and look for a tutorial on making my top into a cushion...any suggestions?