Monday, August 12, 2013

Stamp, stamp, stamp.

Ok I know that I will be hard hit for time but I couldn't resisit joining up to Nicky's new swap.

Stamp it up!

Nicky tried this out as one of her classes at the FQ retreat recently in London.
I love that we that are unable to get to the FQ Retreat can still get something out of the weekend with a new skill.  Last year it was the Frame Purse swap which I loved.

No you don't have to be an artist,
No it doesn't cost a bomb
(All you need is an eraser and a little carving knife, some tracing paper....(did you think I could draw?) and a fabric ink pad that once ironed will be permanent on the fabric)

Think of all the lovely things that you can do with your new skill.
You could make your own labels for your quilts.
You could make your own business cards or thank you cards to send off with your sold items.
The list is endless.

Nicky has three tutorials here if you want to go over and have a look.

If you are interested this is what you have to do.
Join up over at the Flickr group and post your mosaic.

You will receive a SECRET PARTNER to make a stamp and then use the stamp to make a small gift for them.
One item extras!
When you sign up you can suggest what you would like...coaster, mug rug, framed purse, pin cushion
What have you got to loose.

Sign ups - Saturday 10-17th August 2013 or until 40 eligible swappers have completed the Sign Up form.
The rest can be found on the Flickr group

Here is my Mosaic.

I love things simple (and easy)
I think one of these little Scandinavian flowers would be very easy to carve, or a little bird.
(I did look for a moose but couldn't find one)

I can't wait to start...Are you coming over to join?

Happy Stamping.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Productivity is still happening.

Lots of little makes going on over at my kitchen table and the couch.

Another two little knits finished.

Baby ballet cardigan made from Sirdar Bamboo/wool.
Pattern is Snuggly baby crofter DK number 1931
Not bad for a first try I thought...I still have a few issues about tension but we'll get there one day.
I have knitted a little stripy hat in blue and white if it is a little boy but it has been packed in the bag already and is in the car. 
Some of you have seen it at my instagram page. (erinbillybuttondesign)
It was knitted out of Drops wool which I like, but my local shop has decided to change wool brand to Sirdar.   I liked Drops as it was easy to knit with for a new knitter, I am not having as much success in the neat look department with the Sirdar.

I made a second set of bunting...if it is a girl out of my Little Apples stash and seeing that I haven't had time to do a quilt for this little one yet, I just spruced up its cot blankets with a bit of binding.
And I have started a back to front swoon block. (with my rainbow charm pack and the scrap box)

At the beginning I was making only two scrappy swoon blocks to make as pillows while I was waiting for the others to catch up to where I am (nine blocks made) but it has taken me about four weeks to finish one block and now I have an idea/dream to make another three and make a smaller quilt. (another UFO)  I am thinking of changing the kona grey shades in the next two blocks.
(this was ash and medium grey)
I forgot how big the blocks are.  They may be too big as a cushion.

You do need a clear head when you are making a swoon block and even clearer when making a scrappy swoon block...something I may do not have at the moment.  I hope to have another made in the next day or two.

Unfortunately my sewing and knitting has not stopped me from buying a few bundles from Fluffy Sheep Quilting store and M is for make.
A bit of Nordika

Look at those lovely kona solids

Happy go Lucky bundle

Bits and bobs from Kate at M is for Make.  My yellow leaves have already been used in my swoon block.

The comment of the week was with a raised eyebrow, 'I thought you had stopped buying fabric?'
I replied,  'Really...did I say that? I must be suffering from absentmindedness.'

Happy Sewing


Friday, August 2, 2013

Playing the waiting game.

Someone has me up very early this morning. 
 No, it hasn't arrived but moving back and forth across my protruding belly.
I thought it best to just get up and get a bit of muesli and a cuppa into me and start the day...I have a great excuse then to go for a Nana nap this afternoon.
Anyway there are two more finishes that I have been meaning to show.

I found this kimono cardigan pattern on the looked dead easy, (just what I wanted) but it is very thick. Maybe a bit too thick for this lovely weather we are having. 
I did knit it in a 4 ply but wished I had chosen something a bit lighter.
The hat has been knitted in a bamboo/wool and is so fine and really soft.
I loved the feel of it so much that there is another little wrap around cardigan almost finished in it. 
 I better get my skates on if I want to finish it before he/she arrives.
I have given up on any more sewing at the's not the sewing, I would rather just keep my feet up now and I get too tired standing at the cutting board and ironing those HST's .
I am hoping it will be only temporary and that once baby arrives and we find our routine that bub will give me a bit of time to do the odd bit of sewing again.

Until then it will have to be a bit more of this.

To keep me away from doing this.

Happy sewing.