Sunday, April 14, 2013

Texty Charm Swap

Anyone interested in joining a texty charm swap? 
Join up here
We are looking for a few more Europeans to join the group.  It would be lovely for you to join.
May of Confessions of a fabraholic is hosting the swap. 
Head over and check out what she is looking for.
I was thinking of this as my fabric....

Hope it is texty enough!

Friday, April 12, 2013

I'm in love

Yes I'm in love with lots of things but have found a new love for these.....

Karen at Blueberry Park  handprints these little buddies and oh how I love the colours. 
I'm going to get this little quilt underway very soon.  I have come to the conclusion that I am better to stick with baby and smallish quilts so I know that there is a chance to finish them.
Karen sells her designs through her Etsy store.  I could be tempted for some more.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

And the sun came out.

A productive day had here in my Kitchen....yes I did say my kitchen.
Although I do have my sewing room, I have realised that I have sewn less and less when the machine is set upstairs, so I got hubby to bring it back down to the table in the kitchen and look what has been accomplished this week. 
My first attempt at the Tova pattern.

It was all going great until I have realised that there isn't enough fabric for the collar.  Back to Hickeys on Monday.  
 I have left lots of room for bump to grow at the front but should have shaped the sides a bit too, but seeing the pattern was so easy and quick, I will be making another.  Really I should have popped over before I started to Kerry's blog and checked her sewing tutorial series that was run last year. Kerry I will be back over at some stage.
I also got these finished today.  Bee a bit Stingy blocks for Jan for the month of March....(yes I know, I'm crap at these bees)
And last but not least, I couldn't resist a photo of my ever growing Starflower blocks in the lovely sunshine today,,, something we have had very little of.. sunshine that is. 

Happy Sewing.