Saturday, January 12, 2013

Getting back to routine.

I'm back and it has been far too long.
Any of you out there still, I feel really awful that I haven't read any blogs for a long long time and it seems that flicking through a few today I have missed out on many new starts.

Over the silly season I had some family over visiting from Australia.  I really just wanted to focus on them as it may be a long time till some of the brothers or sisters will come a visit again and I wanted to spend all my time with them. 
That also included packing up my sewing machine and cleaning all the threads off the carpet for my mum to sleep in the spare room.  Sewing Machine was reinstated on Monday.

Although I had on hand my lovely Japanese charm pack and my two packs of Low Volume packed when we went off around Ireland after Christmas, they didn't come out of the bag for the whole trip.
That didn't mean that I wasn't thinking at two in the morning about what my wish list would look like for the coming year and my list of finishes that need to be put to bed!

One of our days we headed off to Newgrange in Co Meath.  It is one of my favourite places to show when I have visitors over here as it fascinates me.  It's an old Neolithic site (that is older than the Pyramids in Egypt) and on the day of the winter solstice the sun shines the tomb inside lights up at dawn by the rays of the sun.  I haven't been for about two years and although I know what is coming in the guided tour, this time I got something else out of it!


I'm sure the artists were not thinking of me 5000 odd years ago when they were carving out these stones, but I certainly was when I was walking around the site.

Stone carving at Newgrange Co Meath Ireland

Stone carving Newgrange Co Meath Ireland

Front entrance stone.

I was loving all the shapes.

And come on....I just couldn't resist taking a photo of these two new little lambs with ma.

Which brings me to one of my new adventures for the year....knitting. 

I had remembered some of my knitting skills but needed the reassurance of my mum to remind me how to do the essentials.. casting on and off.
Only a few rows done and I wouldn't say it is the most exciting photos to show yet so I will leave it for a few more weeks and see how the progress is.

Oh my hubby bought me a new ultra book for Christmas so I am very happy as the frustration was taking it's toll on me on the last laptop.
I do know I have a lot of bee's to look up and start so I better get off the blog and start looking at what needs to be done.