Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bee... bee.... busy

I have finally got some of my bee blocks finished.
Yesterday was much more productive than I thought.
I joined the Bee a Brit Stingy Bee this year.   I think it was that Nicky knew that I had soooo much fabric that needed to be used up before it pushes through the cupboard door and escapes, that it was time to use some of them.
The first month was January and Lucy from Charm About You requested the Feather block from Anna Maria Horner  
 I did fall in love with it but, when I read through Lucy's instructions she did say not to start it if you were tired....ah that's me all the time these days Lucy!  So I put it off and put it off and procrastinated a bit more and before I knew it, it was the end of February and still no block completed.

Anyone that loves this block....get someone else to make them for you.  It's a perfect block for a bee.  I don't think I could have made loads of these myself.  I would have gone a bit batty.

Lucy had requested a LV background and you may not see it but at the moment this is a favourite of mine, so much so that I have returned twice to Celtic Fabric Store to restock it.  Another one of my favourite fabrics was a Japanese fabric that I bought from Pippa Blue when I was in Galway.  Eva I do not know if you have any left of this fabric but I love it and am now wishing that I bought another FQ of each colour (Blue and green).
Emily at Strawberry Patch got us to do the x block...I do love these and was thinking of changing my block idea for the Modern Irish Bee to this one. 
I decided to be a bit stingy....(as the bee members are meant to be) and use bits from the leftovers from Lucy's block.

The second block is a bundle from Fabric Worm that I bought last year... Not what I would normally buy but it caught my eye and I fell for it.
Once again both have a LV background (so the rage isn't it)

Now off to organise my blocks for March....
Happy Sewing

Sunday, February 17, 2013


I am happy to show you that I am finally back in front of the sewing machine.  
As I have a few bee blocks to get finished and to plan my block for March, I really need to get my skates on.

My blocks for Fiona at Patchwork Delights is for the Modern Irish Bee.   You can find the tutorial at Crazy Mom Quilts
I loved making these little triangles out of my scraps.   I'm glad now that I keep every little bit of fabric because I was able to use lots of little bits much so that I went a little crazy on the blocks.  They were lots of fun to make and really quick and easy to do.

I haven't forgot Lucy at Charm About You too.  Lucy is always efficient and I know she is probably waiting for her feathers and tapping her fingers at me..."Come on Erin!"....I got most of them done last night but have stalled with one side of the feathers.   I hope to get them finished today.
So I better head off and get them finished and make sure they are both in the mail for tomorrow morning.

Happy sewing.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Take it easy.

I was told to take it easy of late, so that is exactly what I have been doing. 
Feet up and chilling out.

Late last year after going to the K&S show in Dublin I ordered some hexegons and although I do not have a clue what I am going to use these for, I have stitched a few in some of Karen at Blueberry Park fabric that she screen prints herself.  
I love the colours that she uses and  she has her own Etsy store that you can buy charm packs.  

 I'm looking forward to a parcel waiting for me this week when I get home.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

My new bug.

The sewing machine has not even been switched on this year....Isn't that bad!
Yes I am very behind on my bees and don't even start on my unfinished projects from last year.
But that doesn't mean that I haven't been doing anything. Yes I've taken up knitting. 
When my mum was over for Christmas I bought some knitting needles and had a quick little lesson and with her help picked out an easy pattern to start with.

Not bad for my first project, still have to sew it together though.

When I come home at night, I'm not one that can have dinner and then climb the stairs to my sewing room and start up the sewing machine.  I like to unwind, chill out, especially after dealing with 22  preschool children each day.
I didn't realise that knitting was so relaxing and I seem to have caught the knitting bug as I have started my second project.

And of course I have a fantastic bag for my knitting.  Thanks again to my Mouthy Stitches partner  Janet.

It all fits in nicely.