Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Button Tins

When I was a wee little girl, the first thing that was pulled out when I got into my mum's sewing draw was her button tin.

Although it was the hardest tin to open, as soon as it was, my hand would dive in.
There were a few buttons that were my favourite and were the first to be found.
They would be lined up and admired.

As you can see this tin was loved and cherished in our house.
So you might be thinking, "Erin. Who gave the little girl glasses and the botox in the lips?"
Well it wasn't me! I'm going to blame this on one of my sisters.

 When I was home last year, look what I found at a trash and treasure market....

A sparkling, glossy tin for my buttons with NO scratches.
When my eyes landed upon it, I grabbed it with glee...I had to have any cost.
Yep. My very own button tin.
Now I just have to fill it.

To all my fellow Aussies out there. 
Have a lovely Australia Day tomorrow.
(No national day off for me in Ireland but I will have a vegemite sandwich for lunch)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

So Many Things.

Just a few quick photos of what I have started for the weekend.

When Hubby came in from working this morning, he paused at the table and sarcastically said,       'Look the start of a new quilt top....surprise surprise!'
I decided the shelf the swoon for the weekend and try something that I know would be easy to do...
Log Cabins.

Last year my order from a fabric store didn't arrive and was offered to pick something else to replace it.  I couldn't see much else that I was interested in so just grabbed this Jelly Roll, Hullabaloo by Moda
I started sewing at about 9pm last night and stopped when I had to unpick a seam.
I have plans to make 12 (if my Jelly Roll lets me I will make more) and frame them with different colours from my Kona stash.
This is one of my Winter Stitching projects that I wanted to try, so am happy that I now have four projects that are listed started and not ONE complete.

Seeing that I haven't done very well with this list I decided to joined up with Sarah (again!)from Fairy Face Design for some sewing lessons.  There is always something new to try.

This week I tried the pincushion tutorial so out came the scraps of a charm pack of Little Apples and in less than 15 minutes my pincushion was stuffed and ready for hand sewing tonight.  I can't find a button for the top yet so I will have to improvise.....
I love pincushions.
 When I sew I have about 4 lying around and when I am not sewing I have about ....4 lying around.
I also have no problem sticking pins into faces.
A little bit of guilty satisfaction really, especially when you realise that you are about to have to unpick a yard of stitching.

One more thing.  Lucy from Charm About You is having a FUGLY fabric party

I have some large bits of fabric that I would be happy to offer anyone to take it off my hands all you would have to do is pay the postage. First in best dressed so be back here for the 7th of February.

Right I think I'm finished babbling for one day.  I better get a move on with these Log Cabins if I want them finished today....(wishful thinking !)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Blues on Sunday Night.

I finally got my sewing machine out after the Christmas break.

I suppose I have found it hard to start sewing because I knew that I had so many projects in a pile to finish before I start anything else.  This is probably why I spent 2 hours on checking out every ones mosaics on Mouthy Stitches.  I'm good at procrastinating!

I did do a clean out of my fabric stash and  reorganised them in colour.  I was hoping to maybe cull some of my fabric, but I knew all too well that as a hoarder I sometimes cannot part with things. 

So today I decided to bite the bullet and connected the sewing machine up and before I knew it, I had a pile of projects closer to being finished...

Binding for two projects, - DONE.
Backings sewed for two quilts finished. - DONE.

Little Apples Quilt back.

And then I had to make a decision on what to make my Swoon quilt from. 
This was one of my Winter Stitching projects but like everything else, I haven't started it.
When  Kathy from I'm a Ginger Monkey started the flickr group, Swoon-a-long.
 I thought it may push me on to starting.

I first wanted to make it from some FQ from my own stash instead of buying yet MORE fabric.
But I also wanted to use my Amy Butler Soul Blossom fabric that I have.

Yep.  I have a half yard of each fabric.  ( I did want to make the quilt that is on Amy Butlers web site with this) But as time has gone buy, I have seen a few quilts made from this fabric and I think that it needs a bit of white fabric to calm it down. 
Do you think it will work as a Swoon Quilt?

I was a bit worried that the prints will be far too big and the pattern of the blocks will be lost, but it is time to use this fabric up,  It wasn't my all time favourite of her collections and it was a lot brighter than what I thought it would be but it can't got to waste.
I suppose I could try one and see what it turns out like.

Fiona at Patchwork Delights is having a giveaway this week.
I'm a big fan of her threads and this is my stash that I got this week

I can't believe that it is the end of the weekend already. 
Would anyone else like a 3 day weekend.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stitch up my mouth now.

I did it too.

Really how could I resist this swap. 
I am a purse girl.  Although I have bought large purses over the years, I seem to always come back to  a simple zippy pouch.  They keep things simple.  I'm not a great fan of too many things in my purse.  And because it is small,  it is essential to clean it out every now and again of all those receipts...well you didn't think I had cash in it... did I?
I can't wait to start this, as I have a few ideas that have been buzzing though the old head for the past few months that maybe I could use.

Can you see yours, Nicky and Fiona???

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm a Topper!

When I was home for Christmas I was told by my sister that I was a 'Topper.'
"What?"I asked.
"You're a topper.  You get the tops of your quilts finished but that is it."
"Well...ah.. yes....I suppose I am."  Feeling confused and admitting the obvious.
Mmm.  Maybe I should really get back to these and finish a few off.
When I returned and to my great relief I found this on Nicky's blog.
2012 Finish-A-Long
Rhonda from Quilter in the Gap has set up a Finish a Long. 
And oh do I have a few unfinished projects in the cupboard.

My first is my Little Apples Quilt.

I seem to hit a wall with quilts and I do recall that I ran out of white kona fabric, ( I used it up for the Across the Sea Quilt)  Now that I have 10 m of kona white in my stash..(a big stash) I don't have any excuse to finish it.
Need to do:
Design a back
Sit back and admire.
My second quilt is  Echo
Again it stalled as Christmas was coming and so was my trip so finishing the top was as far as I got.

What needs to be done:
Design a back
Put it on the couch for me to use.

Mmmm I think I have a bit to do.

My last project is my place mats

I think I have blogged about this about twenty times and yes I still have not finished them all. 
How sad am I!
All that has to be done in this project is binding, so hopefully I will finish this off quickly and you will never have to read about them again.

I'm linking up and hoping this will help me finish these projects.

Oh and the Winter Stitching has completely gone out the window. 
Sorry Sarah... (Secretly I just love writing lists)

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A New Year...A New List.

Hi All. 
Yes I'm back after having a good few weeks off. 
Did you miss me? 
OK I know, it's been a busy time for all and wow have all of you been busy blogging. 
How I am ever going to catch up with all the blogging, I do not know.  Although I see I have missed out on a few swaps already.

This is where I have been and celebrated the New Year.....

(Yes well I had a few videos for you but I seem to be a dunce and cannot upload them.)
Yep under the Sydney Harbour Bridge with a one million others...Although we were being shoved around like cattle, when the fireworks started it was all eyes glued to the bridge and we weren't disappointed.  
I suppose you all saw a good view on the telly but really it was worth it. 
I loved it and it was defiantly a great way to bring in the New Year.
Maybe next year we can go to London.
I returned on Monday to Ireland and back to work Tuesday morning so hopefully there will be a bit of sewing this weekend.  Although I am waking quite early in the morning  (about 4am) I still haven't got much organised in the house, let alone started writing my resolutions down or my sewing wish list.
 I also missed out on hosting a giveaway for December have no is on the way so keep an eye out?

So Happy New Year to All and looking forward to seeing some exciting new projects from you all.