Sunday, October 26, 2014

I know it's very early...but

Well yes I know that it very early but seeing that I am so slow at sewing and getting anything finished these days, I decided to get some stockings for Christmas done as soon as possible.
And yes it was nice to do a little project rather than thinking and planning time for a quilt to be made.

I'm not a big fan of Christmas fabric but when Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting got this fabric in, I knew what I would use the fabric for and grabbed it with delight.

I did look around for some free tutorials for stockings but I ended up buying a pattern from Etsy.
although it was only pittance, it wasn't a great pattern and I did get frustrated with it and thought it  really wasn't written well at all.  (it didn't even have a list of fabric and supplies that are needed for that project.) but what attracted me to the pattern was the curly feet in the stocking so I kept with it and finished them over the week. 

There was only a few photos on IG of my progress, I find it difficult these days to be organised to have the camera out ready to show progress.

And yes you may be asking why there are two stockings made...well this little one will have first choice.... 

The other is for our next arrival...
 I am getting my hand sewing projects organised already.

Happy Sewing