Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hop,hop...ahhh Stop and stay a while and have a coffee...

Hi All and welcome to my little blog. 
My name is Erin and I am an Australian living in Ireland with my husband.
Although I have aways known how to sew, it has only been in the past two years that I have returned to the sewing machine and oh, have I got hooked.
Quilting would be my newest fad but I do like making clothes and other little bits and pieces.
I was encouraged by my sister to start up a blog about a year ago and I haven't looked back since. 
I have met through blog land some fabulous and very talented people and hope to meet many more here each week.
I'm currently finishing my Swoon quilt and Kitchen Window quilt but have my Retro Flowers to start this week.  (See I am a topper Lou!) But really I have so many other projects that I would love to start but I still have to work five days a week too.
(look away now if you have already seen these photos)

When I can remember I link up with Lily's Quilts at the start of each month for Fresh Sewing Day.  This co insides with her Small Blog Meet.  Lynne is fantastic at hosting this.  It really helped me get my blog out there and meet others too that were also starting out.

Beth suggested some questions to answer for you all to get to know how I tick.
- Favorite quilting tip(s) Ah don't have any yet...maybe just take your time and don't get flustered.
- Favorite blogging tip(s)  I'm looking for any of these.
- Favorite fabric Do you have a whole day.  Amy Butler, Aneela Hoey, Anything Japanese or linen.
- Favorite craft book..I'm a sucker for books and you wouldn't believe the amount of books I have. My latest buy is this one...
- Favorite book (or book you are currently reading)  The Time Travellers Wife...( started it again the other week for the third time...I haven't read a book in a year I think.)
- Favorite children's book  Anything by Bill Peet. 
- Favorite quilting tool.  Can it be my un-picker...it does come in handy.
- Favorite music to listen to while quilting. anything on my i Pod.  Put the soundtrack  .....a lot.
- Favorite TV show while hand stitching.  I don't hand stitch.  But I am up to series 5 of Soprano's!
- Binding - by hand or by machine?  Oh Machine ONLY!
Now PLEASE don't get too excited.....I'm not great at tutorials...actually I have never tried to do one.  So this may be a little story rather than a tutorial about how I made my Cup Huggers!

This is what I am attempting to make a tutorial for.

It all started one day a long long time ago when I went to a cafe and got a takeaway coffee.  It's really hit and miss at cafes in Ireland.  If I go to Costa, I defiantly need a second cup as it seems to be steaming hot while when I go to Butlers, I know what kind of coffee I am going to get but it doesn't stay too hot for too long.
Why can't I just make a Cup Hugger for my coffee and then it will not only help but I will be the coolest person walking through Grafton St in Dublin.

Market Research!

On Saturday I went out and did a bit of market research in Naas Co Kildare. 
Really there is only two places where I can get coffee Leonidas and Costa coffee.  It was hard work finishing off a Mocha and a hot chocolate but, alas someone had to do it!
(the second Costa coffee cup was because my hot chocolate was boiling)
 Sometimes you get a little cardboard carrier to keep your fingers cool but no one had them....ah my plan would have been so much easier but no.....I had to make up a pattern myself for my Cup Hugger. After a bit of measuring and a lot messing I came up with a pattern piece. 

My fabric that I chose was Ruby Star Rising by Melody Miller for the first round with Sage Kona for the lining
My second try was some fabric from Jane Foster (she prints her own designs) with Amy Butler Belle 
 for the lining.

I cut out from my pattern:
1 piece for front
1 piece for lining. 
(When cutting this if you are using fabric that has a design on it, you will have to turn the fabric over so the design on the fabric is looking away from you.)
1 piece of wadding/batting.
( you might see a tongue on the pattern, I folded this over when cutting the batting as I didn't want too much bulk around the Velcro.)
I used a strip of 2" length of Velcro as well.

I used my spray (I find it great for these little projects) to sandwich the front fabric and batting together. I sewed around some of the designs on the fabric.  I did this for my first Cup Hugger but didn't bother for my second try.

The Velcro was then pinned on the tongue on the front piece.
The second Velcro was pinned at the opposite end of the lining.

It was then sandwiched all together. 
Lining,  (Velcro facing the design of the front piece) front then batting.

I then sewed around the edge of the Cup Hugger (1/4" seam )  leaving the side of the tongue open.

I then cut the batting down.  It just meant less bulk when I was turning it inside out.
 I also cut the two two corners and sniped curves. 

I turned out and push corners out and pressed well and sewed around all edges again.

If your Cup Hugger looks like an elephant, then my tutorial/story was a waste of time.....although I would love to see your elephants on the Let's get Acquainted flickr group, they would be most entertaining.

No elephants in this photo?
 I know technically no company wants their name covered but hey they aren't really pretty cups to start with. I think they have been dressed up quite well.

Many thanks for popping over.  (I hope you are still with me.)  And I hope that you have liked my little crafty but very handy project.
Feel free to stay a little while longer and look through a few other projects that I have finished.

Don't forget to check out Kelsey from Kelsey Sews  She is having a tutorial today as well  
(a lot better than mine)
Thursdays blog hoppers are:
Nik from Bold Goods
Alyssa from Pile O Fabric
They are the next on the list and I am looking forward to dropping over and seeing what they are making!

Beth.  Thanks so much for organising this too....I don't think I could do it.  And I hope I haven't disappointed.



  1. Well done for going first :). Loved the tutorial and those cup huggers are fab!

  2. This is an awesome post Erin! Just what I envisioned for the hop! And your tutorial is great - these would make wonderful gifts. Thanks for participating and for going first.

  3. Loving the cup huggers and good job for going first!

  4. Well done for being brave and going first! I love your cup huggers, they'd make a great present.

  5. Great job! Started us off right on the blog hop, great tutorial and interview!

  6. This is a great project and a great post for starting off the blog hop! Your tip about not getting flustered is great! Sometimes I just have to walk away from a project and start again later.

  7. Erin, I really enjoyed your blog post, at least you gave me an idea how to do it :) Congratulations, you have one more follower (me:)! Your cup huggers look fantastic, I have some scraps and will try to make one!

  8. They look great, Erin! And Bill Peet was always our favorite, too!

  9. Nice to get to know you! I love your cup cozies. I just browsed thru your blog. you've got great stuff. Love your little baby kimono!
    I'm a follower now.

  10. I like your cup huggers, why is it so difficult to get coffee that is neither scalding or tepid??

    We are heading your way this weekend for a wedding so any LQS recommendations you can pass on would be much appreciated :)

    Great start to the blog hop!

  11. You have a lovely blog! It's so nice to get to know you. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  12. Lovely job on the post and on the tutorial. I think I first found you through lily's small blog meet-up?? Anyway, am glad I did and glad you were in the get acquainted hop - good going.

  13. I love your tutorial. I was in stitches (haha, in stitches!) when you were describing not getting a cup sleeve because that happens to me all the time.

  14. Hi Erin! Lovely to get to know you a bit better. Love the tutorial - very clever idea and very pretty too :)

  15. Great post, Erin! I enjoyed getting to know you a little better. Keep up the good work on your blog! :)

  16. super tutorial, thank you!!!!!!

  17. Way to start the party! This is such a brilliant cute little design! I started following you a few weeks ago when we got the hop roster and I't has been great. For your first tutorial this is very good, the pictures are really clear and easy to follow. I don't drink coffee, but this is a perfect gift idea. Quilting Line + Color looks like a sweet book too thanks for the suggestion. If this is what the hop is going to be like the whole time we are in for some serious fun! Thanks Erin! :)

  18. Great tutorial and a really fab start to the hop

  19. Great to stop by and see your tutorial. Love this little project, it looks super easy, thanks for sharing!

  20. Wonderful project, Erin! So great! Thanks for sharing with us!

  21. Erin it is always a pleasure to read your blog. Well done with the tutorial. Di x

  22. Erin! Your cup holders are great and your post was delighful. No disappointment at all!

  23. No don't talk of disappointment but I think I would love one of these with elephant ears and a straw as the trunk - somehow!

    Great tute!

  24. Hello Erin
    I just found your blog today through the lovely Di @ Willowbeck designs.
    I am your newest Follower.
    Oh My! I love your makes and am definitely going to whip up one of these cup holders tonight.

  25. great tutorial: thanks for that and nice to learn more about you

  26. Great project! Those cups can be a pain to hold when they're steaming hot! =D

    I'm hosting a new swap over at my blog if anyone is interested please pop over for a look =D


  27. So nice to get to know you and I love your tutorial! I'm going to make a fun one to put on my travel mug that I lug to work everyday :) Thanks for not making me be the only one going first today!

  28. A great tute Erin - I shall pin it for prosperity xxx

  29. Hey Erin, your tutorial is really great!

  30. Great start to the blog hop! Enjoyed reading your post. Very cute tutorial too!

  31. What a great project, Erin. I enjoyed getting to know you a little bit more. Love your cup hugger tute as well as the story, and oh! the research you had to put in, just fabulous. Now I feel tempted to go and research some coffee shops nearby.

  32. Love your blog, and such a great tutorial Erin!

  33. Lovely blog and great tutorial. I heart those view masters, I will cosy pretty much anything with them! I'm a new follower :)

  34. Good to get to know you a bit better Erin! You are doing just great with this tutorial.

    1. Thanks, the bee is doing just fine. After some discussions we expanded the group from 12 to 16 participants :-)
      If I had known how much fun these bees are I would have joined much earlier. This is a first for me.
      But I'm starting a new one Sunday or Monday called Star of Africe. Come over and take a peek!

  35. You did a great job on the tutorial! I'm a bit nervous too for my turn...never wrote a tutorial either! I make these mug hugs, too, but I always use a button and elastic as a closure. I *love* the idea of using velcro. I'll have to try that next time. Nice meeting you on this blog hop:)

  36. send us over a few, haven't time to make anything for a while. Better start my own dressmaking blog!
    love Bridget

  37. Lovely job on your first tutorial. And you will surely be the coolest person with a coffee on the street!!

  38. I think your tutorial was great! I live in sunny (hot) South Florida (USA) and we drink a lot of cold beverages here. We use large plastic glasses with lids and straws and we always end up with a big pile of water on the table when we set them down, from the melting ice and condensation. I bet with a little thinking (ouch!) I could make some of these for those cups, as well, to catch the drips.

  39. Your cup cozy is super cute! The tutorial was really great too, easy to follow, lots of pictures - nice work!

  40. What a clever tutorial...but I have to admit I don't drink coffee on the go...I have never found a no-drip cup that works and I always end up with it on my blouse. So drink at home...hurrry to work...and drink all day! Love coffee! I jumped on the follower button, cause I love that quilt you posted at the top. Beautiful, have a great day.

  41. The cup cozies are gorgeous!! It's a great tutorial :)

  42. Thes are so so cute! For some reason I am not very good at non-quilt sewing, I think it may be the 3D of it all but I think I could handle these. What a great tut!

  43. Hi Erin lovely to meet you and great cup huggers! Very much needed and stylish too :-) Sopranos is great, I have seen them all, I just shut my eyes at the grusome bits! And I love reading too but hardly read a thing since I got completely hooked on sewing and quilting at every spare opportunity (which is never as often as I would like.) I'm taking part on 14th August, hope to see you then, or before! Sarah x

  44. Erin, I'm happy to meet you. I just started my blog this year and still need to get into the flow of it. Went for coffee yesterday morn with my daughter. I'm forever forgetting to put the little card board wrappers on and then nothing stays hot. Maybe a lovely fabric wrapper tucked in my purse would do the trick because they're so pretty. I think I'l make one for her too.

  45. Heya Erin, thanks for sharing in the blog hop. Cool things for the cups there. ;)

  46. I love your tutorial! I have the perfect fabric to make one (or two) for my brother in law who commutes and usually has a Tim Hortons cup in his hand!! Thanks!!

  47. What a great tutorial! Very clear and understandable! And you have a darling blog, by the way!

  48. these are cute. I made one from a different pattern but it is too narrow and half your fingers are on the cup. Did you post the pattern? I do not see it. Or can you give us the dimensions?

    thanks so much for sharing and congratulations on your first tutorial.

  49. What cute cup covers! Congratulations on your first tutorial :)

  50. Good to meet you! I'm a little slow on at this Get Acquainted thing, not sure why I didn't find it before yesterday...
    I never get takeaway coffee, but if I do, I'd have me a variety of these cute little insulators.
    And The Time Traveler's Wife is not the easiest book to get into. How about Orfan by Corie Skolnick? One of my most recent good book picks.

  51. Hi Erin, what a great post, love the cup huggers and here in Manhattan I could def use several of these! Enjoyed hearing about Dublin (a favourite destination of mine) and I imagined myself eating breakfast in Bewley's on Grafton:)

    ChrissieD (the Blog Hop Late Starter!)

  52. HI, Erin,, great looking at your site, I love what your doing with the quilting, especially the color, I am in the blog hop too, trying to look for people to share with. please stop by

  53. Hey Erin,
    I think you did a fantastic job and your tutorial was a great one!


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