Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A new quilt for Me, Me, Me!

A long, long time ago.....

I got a bundle of lovely fabric in the mail.
Echo by Lotta Jansdotter..

You may remember that I couldn't wait to get stuck into this fabric and cut it up straight away into HST's  I threw in a few Kona solids with it and this is what came about.

It got to this stage just before Christmas and then with the crazy season and a holiday, it just got put away and although I was eager to finish it, I was a little hesitant on how to finish the quilt off.

So some umming and ahhing, this is what came about.

Straight stitching used about 1/2 an inch apart. 
I think there were 13 rows for each block and 8 blocks do the maths?
There were many, many rows and many, many bobbins and many, many hours and even some un- stitching from time to time.

The back shows off the quilting much more and sometimes I just can't decide which side I like the best.
(I couldn't see these HST's going to waste so I had to find a place for them in the quilt.)

Even looks great folded up!

As you can see I'm very happy with my quilt and have had some chill out time cuddling up under it.
Fabric Line: Echo  By Lotta Jansdotter.
A bit of Kona White, Sage, Coffee and Ash to splash it up!
I did want to put some Kona Yarrow in but couldn't find anyone that stocked it.


Great line of fabric and wish I did buy some more now...ah well, I still have some scraps to make another quilt from.
But until then, this will be staying with me.

2012 Finish-A-Long
Rhonda .  I'm finished all my Finish a Long!


  1. It's beautiful! I love your straight line quilting.

  2. Isn't it the most satisfying thing in the world finishing a whole quilt?! It is really beautiful and your have done an amazing job with the quilting.

  3. It's absolutely gorgeous. I love that you made it for yourself. It seems so rare that we quilters and sewists take the time to make something for ourselves, instead choosing to sew for others. I love giving my handmade items to friends and family, but I imagine it must be so satisfying to make a quilt for yourself. I'm working on a lap quilt for my family to enjoy and I can't wait for it to be finished!

  4. Well done! Your quilt looks fabulous.

  5. This is absolutely wonderful - a very well earned quilt for you. I wish you many hours of happily snuggling in it :)

  6. It looks amazing! I love it! But as much as I try to focus I cant see if the quilting follows a pattern. Sometimes it's up & down and then left to right. Is it a zigzag? Anyways, like I said: LOVELY!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! I love the echo prints! What a great way to showcase them all! know you want to send that quilt my way =D

  8. I love Echo - so I was sure to like your quilt - have to confess I don't - no I LOVE IT ! Truly gorgeous - love the solids with it and the fab quilting - not just a finish an M(asterly) and S(tupendous) finish!

  9. Fabulous quilt and I love how you used the fabric. I still have a stash of it, and I'm still pondering what to make with it.

  10. It is so beautiful, Erin! I love it!

  11. I love it!!! I'm planning in doing some HST with solids myself. The quilting is fab!

  12. Very lovely. Keep snuggling!I can't quite work out your quilting, going in a lot of directions. Looks fun

  13. Beautiful, Erin! And how fun that you made something for yourself. Doesn't that feel great?


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