Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why has it taken me so long to get an iPod Touch.

My hubby was going to buy me another handbag for my birthday. 
I didn't really need another one quite yet so I suggested a iPod Touch instead. 
(Thanks Kira for the idea)

T is very happy about this as it is so much easier to give me what I would like rather than surprising me. (the first time I asked for a handbag, I got a set of golf clubs....which I do love T...honestly!)

So with my new iPod Touch in my hand, I realised that it wouldn't be around for long unless I got a cover/cozy for it.

Sarah's phone cozy  tutorial came in handy alright. 
Cut out all the fabric on Friday night and whipped them up yesterday. 

 (Sarah I haven't been stalking your blog at all, just needed to go back and check I was doing everything right)

Amy Butler Soul Blossom fabric (which I have a mountain of) and Kona medium grey.  Oh and these were the only buttons I could find in my country town on Saturday morning.

Yes there are two, and am offering Kira one if she wants it.

Very happy with the result.

Got to get back and finish my last Finish - a -Long.



  1. Very cute, Erin! If I was cool enough to have an iPod I would totally use a cover like that. So funny that you requested a handbag and got golf clubs!

  2. Enjoy the iPod. The cover is great. Di xo

  3. Lucky you ! Very cute make! And you obviously didn't put enough on you list if you are nearly finished! Or maybe I put too much on mine?

  4. And thinkof the quilting apps you can download!

  5. I have a Asus Transformer and every time I look at a blog making a cover for one of these I keep telling my self I am going to make one then I get distracted and make another quilt then My son keeps dropping it and I keep saying to my self a cover could protect it more. Sigh I am too distracted.

  6. love those little covers, they are great

  7. They are so cute!! I should make one for my phone it gets so grubby =D

  8. We've had all the gadgets for quite some time. One of my sons, Chad, works for Apple. We call him iChad. Lovely cases.

  9. Love your cover! I need one for my phone. I just got an iPhone and iPad myself and can't imagine life without it. My phone especially. I spent an hour on twitter last night chatting away about quilting.. and my hubby thought I was nuts. LOL


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