Thursday, March 8, 2012

Placemats finished and waiting to be used...

Mmm....Bundles of fabric...I'm such a sucker for them! 
When I saw these at Fabric Rehab, I instantly thought they would look great with some linen as place mats and I knew just the pattern to try them out on .

Although I did start with just three bundles of Cloud 9's Cut out and Keep, I did go back and buy a meters of three prints for the back of each place mat. A combination of Kona solids and some coloured linen were used for coordinating fabric.
The pattern was found when flicking through Handmade by Alissa blog one day and thought that here was a project that would be easy and I could whip them up over a weekend.....that was when I was only making soon turned to 12.  Three sets.

I sort of got sick of making these and keep putting them off to finish but they did have to be finished and am happy to see that I can tick this off the list on the Finish A Long with Rhonda.

The top set was given to my sister for her table.
The second was for me.
And the third...may come in handy for a friends birthday.
I did be a bit more adventurous with the quilting on the last, and are still my favourite of all three sets.
Now I was being a bit adventurous and make coaster for each set but I made them to be binded and it was just too much fuss and they were not neat so I ditched them.  It was a pitty as I loved the little red ones. 

Whooo hooo.  Another project crossed off  my list of unfinished projects!

2012 Finish-A-Long

Now to Link up to Rhonda at the Quilter in the Gap.  She'll be sick of me by now.



  1. Your coasters would make a sweet quilted pouch or pin cushion.

    Nice finish.

  2. You ditched the coasters!!!!? Mad woman.
    Great finish tick though xxx

  3. These look great and I love the quilting. I've never made place mats I think I'd be all control-freaky and like - 'don't spill anything on that!!' haha.

  4. They look amazing!! Love all the colours. I'm planning to make place mats somewhere down the sewing line =D

  5. The placemats are lovely and understated. A great finish. Di xo

  6. I love all 3 sets! Thanks for reminding me about this lovely pattern - I just happen to have a little bundle of Cut Out and Keep that I've been wondering how to do it justice :)

  7. I love them - especially your sister's set and I would be looking at them rather than at my food so I'd need to wear a bib I fear!

  8. Lovely! I'm hoarding some of this fabric too... just waiting for the perfect project...

  9. I love them!! Hope you can rescue the coasters and turn them into something else!

  10. Erin, I love these placemats! The fabrics and quilting you used are just perfect!

  11. WOW! They're so pretty! What a fab gift idea!

  12. I love these! You used some of my favorite fabrics and this pattern is so simple yet stunning. I don't have a use for placemats myself right now, but may have to sew up a set to give as a gift.


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