Monday, March 5, 2012

For the past week....


I have been quite busy over the past few weeks, so I didn't really think that I could link this up to Lily's Quilts at the start of March...could I..   

A dinosaur cake was requested but a very special birthday boy, my nephew.

I actually forgot to take a photo before I packed him into the box for his journey up to Dublin.  But I did give him the window seat to check out the N7 scenery.  I think he is quite happy... Don't you?

The cake went down a treat andmy other 4 year old nephew has already put his order in for his cake in May.

So what else have I been up to?

Well I have had this book for some time.  I bought it in my Pound/Euro Store and thought it would come in handy if I was designing some projects . 

Grid on one side and a page for some notes.

 Cindy was linking up with Sarah @ FairyFace Designs for her {Sew} Get Started group. 
Book covers was her tutorial.
Made with linen and some scraps from my collection and some new scraps from Hadley's package last week and a little ribbon bought from Fabric Rehab....very Orla Kiely. 
Made up quickly if I read the whole tutorial through instead of just looking at the pictures....(a bad habit of mine,) but overall a great tutorial...thanks Cindy!

All I need to do now is start drawing my ideas into my new book.

I will be making some more of these soon, very handy!



  1. Oh my gosh, that cake is adorable. Your notebook is cute too!

  2. Your notebook cover is really lovely. That cake is a masterpiece and I'm sure that it was a hit! Di xo

  3. Pretty cover, love the pop of colour.

  4. Oh the cake looked hilarious on the back seat!
    Love the notebook cover xxx

  5. The cake is soo cute. Love that it gets it's own seat in the car!!. The Book cover is cool!! =D

  6. The cake is incredible!! It looks like something out of Toy Story in the back seat! The notebook cover is gorgeous, you should see some of the crappy ones I use, not even worth covering, hahaha!

  7. That is one amazing cake E! Is there no end to your talents!! Jxo

  8. So funny - the dino head peering over the box! Clever you and is other nephew wanting dino happiness too? Great talent Erin!

    Love the book cover and looking forward to seeing what you put in it - very exciting! Orla Kiely sigh!

  9. Love the notebook cover and that looks like one happy dino!

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  11. Oh my, that notebook is perfect with the grid on one side and lines on the other!! And the cover is so perfect for it. Love it. And can I just say CUTEST dinosaur cake EVER!! You are so talented. :o) I love it! xo

  12. I love the cake, especially the photo of him on the back seat!!!!

  13. ha ha, love the picture of him sticking out of the box on the back seat!

  14. He is very cute sitting in his er car seat! He's adorable! Love the book cover. Fi


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