Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Button Tins

When I was a wee little girl, the first thing that was pulled out when I got into my mum's sewing draw was her button tin.

Although it was the hardest tin to open, as soon as it was, my hand would dive in.
There were a few buttons that were my favourite and were the first to be found.
They would be lined up and admired.

As you can see this tin was loved and cherished in our house.
So you might be thinking, "Erin. Who gave the little girl glasses and the botox in the lips?"
Well it wasn't me! I'm going to blame this on one of my sisters.

 When I was home last year, look what I found at a trash and treasure market....

A sparkling, glossy tin for my buttons with NO scratches.
When my eyes landed upon it, I grabbed it with glee...I had to have any cost.
Yep. My very own button tin.
Now I just have to fill it.

To all my fellow Aussies out there. 
Have a lovely Australia Day tomorrow.
(No national day off for me in Ireland but I will have a vegemite sandwich for lunch)


  1. What a delightful a little piece of childhood that you get to keep forever.

  2. wow, thats amazing to find the identical tin!

  3. Happy Australia Day to you too!

    The button tin is so cute. My mother kept her buttons in an English jam jar. I loved playing with them on rainy days. I wonder what happened to that old jar?

  4. I bet you were grinning like a mad woman when you saw it!

  5. Amazing to find the identical tin! Button tins are a real treasure trove:)

  6. Oh how I loved playing with my mother's button tin too! I still have it and have used several of the buttons on my projects. How cool you found the same tin!

  7. A trip down memory lane! How adorable and special to you! Wonder how many of us quilters played with mum's button tin? I know I did!

  8. What a fun little tin! I can remember sifting through my mom's and my kids love getting my button jar down and sorting them, too. Cheap thrills!

  9. I love tins. I swear I have the very same button collections! One like the first one with old old buttons and one like yours with spare buttons in tiny ziplocks ;-)

  10. aww such a cute tin and I just love tins too! All those old buttons to look at and organise, fantastic fun as a child! Love your new own tin too, cherish it! xxx

  11. How fabulous!! Enjoy filling it (and then playing with the buttons!)

  12. What a great find! How cool is that?
    Loving the new blog look!

  13. What a tin! You'll never guess how I spent my Australia Day - sorting my buttons from one large mixed up tin into glass jars - they look like old-fashioned lolly jars :) Is this a new Aust Day tradition do you think - reminiscing and obsessing over buttons!

  14. The little girl never had a nose as far as I can remember!

  15. LOVE IT!!! (I like your mom's with the "patina" on it too) :o) What a find! Love the St Bernard on the tin, too. I used to play in my mom's sewing stool, too, and buttons were always a favorite! xo


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