Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stitch up my mouth now.

I did it too.

Really how could I resist this swap. 
I am a purse girl.  Although I have bought large purses over the years, I seem to always come back to  a simple zippy pouch.  They keep things simple.  I'm not a great fan of too many things in my purse.  And because it is small,  it is essential to clean it out every now and again of all those receipts...well you didn't think I had cash in it... did I?
I can't wait to start this, as I have a few ideas that have been buzzing though the old head for the past few months that maybe I could use.

Can you see yours, Nicky and Fiona???


  1. Cute pouches! Love them. :o) I currently have a big purse and you are right about the amount of receipts, etc. that it accumulates. Not to mention random hot wheels, and various other things that make their way in their without my knowing. I think I need to downsize.

  2. Thanks Erin! You are sweet! Yours was my second pouch and I love making them now - wouldn't have started without Cindy and you!

    Great mosaic! What will you get this time around!?

  3. So glad you're playing along! This is going to be a great time :)

  4. How fun! Looks like a great swap and nice mosaic. Love dem apples!

  5. great mosaic-its going to be a fun swap


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