Saturday, January 21, 2012

So Many Things.

Just a few quick photos of what I have started for the weekend.

When Hubby came in from working this morning, he paused at the table and sarcastically said,       'Look the start of a new quilt top....surprise surprise!'
I decided the shelf the swoon for the weekend and try something that I know would be easy to do...
Log Cabins.

Last year my order from a fabric store didn't arrive and was offered to pick something else to replace it.  I couldn't see much else that I was interested in so just grabbed this Jelly Roll, Hullabaloo by Moda
I started sewing at about 9pm last night and stopped when I had to unpick a seam.
I have plans to make 12 (if my Jelly Roll lets me I will make more) and frame them with different colours from my Kona stash.
This is one of my Winter Stitching projects that I wanted to try, so am happy that I now have four projects that are listed started and not ONE complete.

Seeing that I haven't done very well with this list I decided to joined up with Sarah (again!)from Fairy Face Design for some sewing lessons.  There is always something new to try.

This week I tried the pincushion tutorial so out came the scraps of a charm pack of Little Apples and in less than 15 minutes my pincushion was stuffed and ready for hand sewing tonight.  I can't find a button for the top yet so I will have to improvise.....
I love pincushions.
 When I sew I have about 4 lying around and when I am not sewing I have about ....4 lying around.
I also have no problem sticking pins into faces.
A little bit of guilty satisfaction really, especially when you realise that you are about to have to unpick a yard of stitching.

One more thing.  Lucy from Charm About You is having a FUGLY fabric party

I have some large bits of fabric that I would be happy to offer anyone to take it off my hands all you would have to do is pay the postage. First in best dressed so be back here for the 7th of February.

Right I think I'm finished babbling for one day.  I better get a move on with these Log Cabins if I want them finished today....(wishful thinking !)


  1. great washing line-up! And I couldn't pin that matroyshka in the face either !

    You need to make a hedgehog one then it will seem right somehow!

  2. The log cabins look brilliant! I'm particularly taken with that camel!!
    Very cute pincushion too!
    So glad you're joining the party :)

  3. love these log cabins: i have been making some too, they are satisfying to do

  4. I want to swoon but at the moment some log cabins or a colourbrick quilt seem like a better option. I`m a little daunted by it. Will check out the fugly party!

  5. Pretty pretty! They look fab! I like the idea of stitching 'til unpicking. Genius. I am starting off tonight's sewing with unpicking :( Stinks.

  6. Love the log cabins, I hope your JR lets you make more than 12!

  7. Hey there Erin,

    I have just finished my first dress form the Japanese pattern book, now on to the next one.

  8. I love the pincushion you made for me for the Mug Rug and a Goodie Swap 2011 we participated in and also have no problem with sticking pins in the face. lol Lovely log cabins. :)

  9. You should make a little voodoo doll pin cushion for when you have to unpick alot. :o) I love your pin cushions and your log cabins are so fresh and fun and colorful! Love them!

  10. ooh love your log cabins, I have a hullabaloo jr sat waiting to be used up, I might give it a go once I stop swooning!


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