Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Blues on Sunday Night.

I finally got my sewing machine out after the Christmas break.

I suppose I have found it hard to start sewing because I knew that I had so many projects in a pile to finish before I start anything else.  This is probably why I spent 2 hours on checking out every ones mosaics on Mouthy Stitches.  I'm good at procrastinating!

I did do a clean out of my fabric stash and  reorganised them in colour.  I was hoping to maybe cull some of my fabric, but I knew all too well that as a hoarder I sometimes cannot part with things. 

So today I decided to bite the bullet and connected the sewing machine up and before I knew it, I had a pile of projects closer to being finished...

Binding for two projects, - DONE.
Backings sewed for two quilts finished. - DONE.

Little Apples Quilt back.

And then I had to make a decision on what to make my Swoon quilt from. 
This was one of my Winter Stitching projects but like everything else, I haven't started it.
When  Kathy from I'm a Ginger Monkey started the flickr group, Swoon-a-long.
 I thought it may push me on to starting.

I first wanted to make it from some FQ from my own stash instead of buying yet MORE fabric.
But I also wanted to use my Amy Butler Soul Blossom fabric that I have.

Yep.  I have a half yard of each fabric.  ( I did want to make the quilt that is on Amy Butlers web site with this) But as time has gone buy, I have seen a few quilts made from this fabric and I think that it needs a bit of white fabric to calm it down. 
Do you think it will work as a Swoon Quilt?

I was a bit worried that the prints will be far too big and the pattern of the blocks will be lost, but it is time to use this fabric up,  It wasn't my all time favourite of her collections and it was a lot brighter than what I thought it would be but it can't got to waste.
I suppose I could try one and see what it turns out like.

Fiona at Patchwork Delights is having a giveaway this week.
I'm a big fan of her threads and this is my stash that I got this week

I can't believe that it is the end of the weekend already. 
Would anyone else like a 3 day weekend.


  1. Lovely fabrics! Gorgeous colours.

  2. I think they will make a fabulous Swoon! Might take a little time to figure out which prints to use together in each block, but it will be gorgeous when done!

  3. Oh, Come on! Just buck up and do it!! I am the true Moody Blue!

  4. They would make an awesome Swoon - do it!

  5. Changed your header Erin!?

    Good for swoon I think but if you are worried why not make extra large swoon blocks - it's what Lynn has done

  6. Oh, I really like the swoon blocks. You're going to have a great time! They make fab quilts if you arrange the fabrics/colors correctly. Have a good look around flickr to make sure you have a plan you'll be happy with. I can't wait to see what you make!

  7. I haven't connected the machine back up yet but it is out and staring at me! I am thinking of getting some Amy Butler fabrics too but I can't say I am totally in love with them all either. Yet when I see some of the items people make with them, they are always gorgeous. I shall see! x

  8. Love the swoon blocks. Bought the pattern on Thurs. Go for it, its a beautiful pattern and it fabric choice will compliment it. Also thanks for the mention. Fi

  9. I think that fabric will make a fab swoon quilt :)

  10. I have used some of those prints with a black background and I love the result (I think there is a photo on my blog:under my flickr photos). I love those prints

  11. I like the new header. I think they would make great swoon blocks since the colors are so bright. I also took a few weeks to get my machine back out and for the same reason. But, it feels good to be sewing again!

  12. Totally go for it!! It will look gorgeous - I think the bright colours will work really well. Love the new header :)

  13. I think it will make a lovely Swoon quilt - I was going to suggest you looked at Lynne's giant Swoon but Nicky had the same idea! Lovely new header!

  14. I think those will make a great Swoon quilt, they are gorgeous!


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