Saturday, January 7, 2012

A New Year...A New List.

Hi All. 
Yes I'm back after having a good few weeks off. 
Did you miss me? 
OK I know, it's been a busy time for all and wow have all of you been busy blogging. 
How I am ever going to catch up with all the blogging, I do not know.  Although I see I have missed out on a few swaps already.

This is where I have been and celebrated the New Year.....

(Yes well I had a few videos for you but I seem to be a dunce and cannot upload them.)
Yep under the Sydney Harbour Bridge with a one million others...Although we were being shoved around like cattle, when the fireworks started it was all eyes glued to the bridge and we weren't disappointed.  
I suppose you all saw a good view on the telly but really it was worth it. 
I loved it and it was defiantly a great way to bring in the New Year.
Maybe next year we can go to London.
I returned on Monday to Ireland and back to work Tuesday morning so hopefully there will be a bit of sewing this weekend.  Although I am waking quite early in the morning  (about 4am) I still haven't got much organised in the house, let alone started writing my resolutions down or my sewing wish list.
 I also missed out on hosting a giveaway for December have no is on the way so keep an eye out?

So Happy New Year to All and looking forward to seeing some exciting new projects from you all.


  1. looks like you had a fab new year

  2. glad to have you back safe and sound Erin!

  3. Brilliant way to spend NY!!
    Hope the jet lag re-sets soon!

  4. So glad you're back and posting! Looks like you had a fab takes a while to re-adjust, doesn't it?

  5. You came to Sydney and we didn't meet? Oh no! Glad you enjoyed the fireworks. I have done it once - with three small children, my sister, my parents and my husband - never again!


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