Monday, October 29, 2012

Not enough hours in the day.

Were has this year gone?

I had so much that I  promised myself that I would do this year and low and behold this week will be the start of November.

Finding time to sew and read (sometimes look) all these lovely blogs is hard for me...although I do love my iPod so very much and it does it's duty keeping me up to date when I have a spare 5 minutes or when I am unwinding after a crazy day at work.   Work also is what is eating into my spare time.  In the past month I have had 3 training days on a Saturday and another set for November in a few weeks.  Am I babbling...yes!  Unfortunately it is part of the job.  I do get my time back but where it goes...I don't know!  What I am trying to say is that I do look at your blogs and if I don't leave a comment it doesn't mean that I haven't checked you out this week. 

I sometimes get too excited to do these swaps too and then run out of time (have no fear all have been sent) and I have realized that my last quilt that I have made was my Echo quilt.

I have only discovered Instagram in the past month..
(I promised myself that I would not sign up to yet another social networking site.  I'm not a fan of Facebook and rarely go on it, saying that  Facebook does own it.)
I am finding it really handy though, a lot quicker to take a photo and write a note on it than to blog about it.  
If there is anyone else out there that is on it...let me know you will find me at  

But here is a few things that I have been up to this weekend .....It's a Bank Holiday in Ireland and I have loved every minute if it.  Lot's of Erin time this weekend and it isn't over yet.

As some of you know I am joining in with
Jennifer at Sew Kind of Wonderful was the Blogger's Block of the Month for October.
A churn dash block.
I haven't tried this block before and found it quick and easy to churn up ...(it had to be said now)

The finished block is to be 9 1/2". 
Unfortunately, I cut mine down to 9"....I wasn't thinking so I may have to make it again..ops!

I have also been admiring some lovely weekend bags of late that came out of the Sewing Summit.  
Particularly one from Debbie at A Quilter's Table.

I saw that Elizabeth at Oh Fransson!  blogged about the sewing technique
I had some lovely Washi to use and thought that it would be good to make some mug rugs

 I whipped these up last night...didn't take too long but as you can see.....I obviously didn't have enough lighting in the room as look what happened.

I also think that they do need a bit of binding around them.  These look too much like little bags and I want the backing fabric to be a bit more fitted to the batting....does that make sense?  So back to the sewing machine today.  Have no fear though, these little rugs have been put to work straight away.

Enjoy your day.



  1. I love a wee churn dash!

    Great practice on the quilting are you ready for the quilt now!?

  2. Darling little block you made - very fun fussy cuts! And thanks for the shout-out RE: my weekender! We already cross paths in instagram - it IS fun, isn't it?! ;-)

  3. Very pretty! Can you tell me what the floral print is in the last photo? I'd love a bit of this for my stash!

  4. im so with you on the time thing, perhaps if I stop chasing my tail so much Id get more done! Must dash ;-)

  5. Life does seem very full but it looks like you had some good sewing time!

  6. I know exactly what you mean about busy!!! I am the same! love the mug rugs and I love making churn dash blocks too your's is very cute! xx

  7. Know what you mean about having too much on. Have so far resisted Instagram will be interested to see how you get on with it.


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