Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blogger's Block of the month at Peach Patch Quilts

I really am stunned when someone asks me to join a group in blog land, especially groups that I have to make a tutorial for.  Ah it's Erin you are taking to here...what can I bring to the table that someone else could do a far better job at?
But alas I have joined (with delight may I say) a new group of very lovely and talented bloggers for a bit of fun and creation.
I have joined up with Dhia of Peach Patch Quilts to her Blogger's block of the month at Peach Patch Quilts
Each month a blogger from the list will make their favourite block 
My month is ...if I can remember June next year...
( it seems so far away but I'm sure it will come around quick enough) 




Sept 15th 2012

Carin & Carol

Oct 15th 2012


Nov 15th 2012

Jennifer M

Dec 15th 2012


Jan 15th 2013


Feb 1st 2013

Jennifer I

Feb 15th 2013


Mar 15th 2013

Nicole K

April 1st 2013


Apr 15th 2013


May 15th 2013


June 15th 2013


July 15th 2013

Nicole N

Aug 15th 2013


Our blocks this month are 'fun in the middle' 
(which I am delighted to do as they will be whipped up in no time)
Carin and Carol at Margaret's Hope Chest are putting these block together to make a quilt that will given to girls who have a parent in prison. They will be distributed next year through our 'Wrapped in Hope' program. If you want to donate your blocks to them you can find their address on the blog.
If you want to join in please choose pastel colored fabrics for this project-light pinks, greens, yellows, and blues.
Here are my collection of blocks.

These two are some extras that I am going to send off

My first block for my quilt.
Anyone can join in and make the blocks and you might like to pop over and see our flickr page too.
Hope you come and join us.


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