Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thanks Linda

A little parcel arrived out of the blue last week....who could this be from?

I've got a wonderful parcel of Linda before and my mug rug is always ready to be used when the cuppa is had.

From Mug Rug and goodies swap.

I sent some things over to Linda and look what I got in the mail...a big surprise....
Now I have another wonderful bundle of goodies....

Linda thank you very much....they have been put to good use already.
I honestly believe that you can never have enough pin cushions and
my little purse is now on my car keys...I will always have change for the parking meter and that pesty parking inspector will never get me again.

Thanks again Linda



  1. I love the colors in your mug rug! All the gifts are lovely. And it is a very good thing I don't live in a place with metered parking since I never have change!

  2. Great idea to have a purse with your keys I am always scrabbling about looking for change too!

  3. What a nice surprise to receive an unexpected parcel. You have some beautiful gifts there. Di x


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