Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Still grooving.

Now that I have my front finished and I don't want to be branded a topper, I am on the way to having this quilt batted this weekend and hopefully get a bit of the quilting done.   Still cant decide how I am going to quilt this one....There are so many lovely FMQ on others but I am not that great at it and feel that straight  lines are more my forte.  I do think that I need to get out of my comfort zone though.

I originally chose the fabric for this quilt around this stash that I had hidden in my cupboard.
Amy Butler Belle collection.

See that lovely Amy Butler Belle Fabric down the bottom...yep that's it.

Although I had a meter of this fabric I still needed to use the rest of my solids to make the back up.  I wasn't going to spend any more money on buying the Belle fabric as it was OPP and I did buy a bit more of each solid just in case I made a mistake when cutting. 

Binding is cut and delighted that I have a little bit of each solid to put away in my ever growing stash.

So you know what I will be doing this week.
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  1. I really like this color combo!!

  2. That is one groovy quilt. I hope you have some quilting inspiration. Di x

  3. Looking good, Erin! Maybe you could still basically stick with straight lines within each color, but when you get to the curve just curve along with it. Make any sense? I'm sure you'll figure out something fabulous!

  4. these are great colours - can you show us the back when you're finished as I'd love to see that amy butler - I think it will look fabulous :)

  5. It's looking so amazing! The curves look so perfectly smooth. Fab job!

  6. However you quilt it, you're going to have an amazing quilt. I like oni's idea!

  7. I'd be doing what Toni says too Erin - looks like it is asking for it! Shift yourself out of straight line comfort and have a go at a gentle curve!

  8. I really love the colors you chose! Any ideas on quilting yet? I can't wait to see this finished. Thanks for quilting along :)


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