Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mug Rug and Goodies part 2.....

It was a real treat to come home to a second parcel this week.

My second Mug Rug and goodies arrived from the UK,

How great are these! And even my little bird that I had on my mosaic that I thought was very cute. I was thrilled Nicky.
Then when I turned the purse over, look what I found.....

I was really touched, How special is this!

Nicky as you can see I love my gifts. It seems to take a week for parcels to arrive from the UK to Ireland, so you had nothing to worry about.

And Cindy, thanks so much for organizing the Swap. I really enjoyed being part of it.

Ok, now to all my bloggers who I follow out there. I don't know what has happened this week or what I have done but I cannot comment on anyones blog but mine. I am trying to rectify the problem but no such luck at them moment. It is very frustrating as I have tried and tried to leave many messages on peoples blogs. So any advice out there would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Some people have had the same problem and have got around it by changing their search engine - don't know if that will help you?

    Glad you like your loot - enjoyed making it so much! Thanks for being the inspiration!

  2. Oh, that is a fun package! That was really a fun swap, wasn't it? Sorry but I'm no help on the comment problem. I have had someone else tell me about it, so it must be a bigger issue than something you've done, if that makes it any better! Must be frustrating, though!

  3. Nicky did a great job!
    I'm not that great with computers so can't help, sorry. That would drive me mad! Have you tried googling the problem, someone must have an answer!

  4. Lucky you! Beautiful goodies and I had my eye on that mug rug :)

  5. Oh you were so lucky, this is fab! Not sure on the commenting thing, maybe try a different browser and see if it helps?

  6. I saw these over on flickr too - they are so lovely.
    I seem to remember having the same blogger problem a while back: it was something along the lines of taking the tick off 'keep me signed in' (I think) try that and see if it works

  7. What a fantastic package of happiness!!! Lucky you :)

    I see other having the same commenting problem, but don't know how to fix it. Blogger help often times has updates on what's happening and what you can do? Good luck!

  8. I can 'hear' the excitement in your post - and why not? A fabulous parcel of goodies!

    I agree with Catherine - try unticking the 'keep me signed in' option. It seems to cause all sorts of problems!

  9. Love all the goodies you received! I had that problem with IE and finally switched over to Google Chrome for my blog browsing. I haven't had a problem commenting since.

  10. Beautiful goodies; well done Nicky!

    Can't help with the blogger comment issues, sorry!


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