Thursday, September 29, 2011

Look what came in the mail today.

Oh I got a lovely surprise this evening when I arrived home.

Linda Lawson was my secret partner and has made me these wonderful gifts. A fantastic Mug Rug, (how did you know I love Cloud 9 fabric?) and a zippy bag (which when I made mine for my partners was thinking, I could use one of these...) And some key rings. Fabulous!

Like me it was Linda's first Swap and she had let me know how much she had enjoyed it.
Well Linda I hope you do more because these are such wonderful goodies and they are so well made.
And the Mug Rug was used straight away.
Thanks again Linda.


  1. Cool Erin... Looks like you hit the jackpot. !!! Your partner did an awesome job. Hugs--Sandie

  2. Super-duper cool! I love what Linda's made and its found a great home.

  3. Great makes - been wanting to follow for ages but didn't want to be too obvious!

  4. Linda, They are more than OK. I love them. Key rings are on the keys, I have some things packed for going away for halloween in my bag and the rug has had many cups of tea on it. Hubby keeps laughing at me as I keep picking it up and looking at it....'Erin it is meant to be under your cup of tea' was his comment to me last night. I'm putting it up on flickr this morning.


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