Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just Keep Sewing.

Anyone watching the Solheim Cup will see it was rain, rain, rain here today in Ireland!
A good excuse to not go out and polish my pink car...(it was red once.)
Another good excuse to not do the gardening.
And a great excuse to stay close to the sewing machine.

Yesterday when I took a a photo outside on the decking of my Across the Sea QAL I was a bit disappointed with the back of the quilt. My crosses seem to be lost in the Kona Ash. That and I have realised in the sun that the Ash fabric is a wee shade lighter in places. So the back is now a bit blotchy.
Then when I was taking the front back into the house, I accidently stepped on it and now look......

AHHHHHHHH! What am I going to do now? Any secret tricks out there in cyberspace?

As for the Cloud 9 fabric, I have decided to make some placemats. The pattern is from HandmadebyAlissa
I have a little fabric left so I may make some glass mats to go with them. But unfortunetly the weekend is almost over and I was interupted by the excitement (for us) of the Solheim Cup and I need to now order fabric for the backing and binding of 12 - yes, 12 placemats.

Thanks for dropping by and hope you all have a great week of sewing. Erin


  1. OH NO!!! I actually have the same dirt smudge...from taking a photo...on the back of one of my quilts. It's a little worse. There's grass stain too! I am paralyzed and have not been back to it again. I look forward to hearing what folks suggest. Good luck!

  2. 12 placemats?! Goodness me, how big is your table? Does that mean I'm invited to dinner ;)
    Would it not be best to just finish the quilt and then chuck it in the washing machine? Or am I just lazy?! Could you hand wash that bit?

  3. hate when something like that happens (like when I poked myself & bled on my quilt top - the white part of course!)....I agree with Lucy thought. Brush it off & just keep going. Then plan on washing it when you get done quilting.

    Love the placemats you are starting - good idea!

  4. Erin - those placemats rock. Oh yum. Do you mind telling me what fabric you used between the Cloud 9? Is it Kaufman Essex or something else. I'm with Lucy & Debbie, don't worry about it, just finish the quilt and wash it after...

    Oh and if 12 placemats aren't enough feel free to make some more and ship them over to the States - I am in dire need!

  5. OMG what to do?

    1. wash the quilt top?
    2. just wash by hand that stain.

    For me I couldn't continue with that stain I'd have to get rid of it.

    Sorry if I am not helpful but I hear your pain!

    Gorgeous work though every bit of it!


  6. Hi there Collette here and just wanted to say thanks for following my blog! I am so glad to meet you and LOVE your work! Those placemats are gorgeous. I had a look at your mugrugs you made for your swap and they are amazing! I love your Freebird quilt too. I made a table runner for my kitchen table with that fabric too and really like it. xxx


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