Sunday, October 16, 2011

Free Motion Friday (Ahh Sunday) Week 2: Drop Art

Cindy I am so sorry but I really am very behind this weekend. And Nicky I am just wishing that tonight was Friday night...but no such luck.

I'm back this week and  joined in the fun again with Fluffy Sheep Quilting .  This week our next task was Drop Art. 
I don't really want to show you what my drops are meant to look like as it is a lot harder than you think to do. So if I only show what my drops look like, then they won't look so bad.

I would have to say that if you loose concentration, your stuffed...can I say that?  While I was thinking of the shape of each droplet, I was not thinking of how fast my stitching was and then when I was thinking of my stitching pace, I forgot about the shape.  Oh well.
So here it is.......

And yes the socks are back.
See the top...loosing concentration with my straight stitching at the top. And look at those bubbles in the fabric.  I still have a lot to learn.

Now I did try my waves again this week and maybe a bit better but again, I lost it at the end and it became very messy.

Next week, squares, which I hope to master as I think I will use it on a quilt.

I did get a lot of little bits and  pieces done today,  basted a quilt, binding made for two other quilts, and only one more row left on my Across the Sea Quilt....just a few weeks late.

A few weeks back, I had trouble leaving messages on other blogs.  I had swapped over to the new  updated blogger interface.  This is what was giving me trouble and as soon as I went back to the old blogger interface, everything was back to normal, 

Thanks again for dropping by, and will hope to get some photos of my new projects up soon. 


  1. I know what the drops are meant to look like - and it's very similar to yours! They're not bad at all :) Good luck with the tile thingy!

  2. your drops are looking good, nice tight points and lovely round bellies! and I love your extra middle drops too!

  3. Oh yours looks brilliant! Well done - I hope I am better at this week's too x

  4. These look like real rain drops to me - you are just more realistic than the tutorial! I like the way they are chasing each other down your sample until you get to the ones that don't know about gravity...! Maybe we should do them all going down or they defy the laws of gravity!

  5. I think you did a good job with Drop Art! You filled the whole space, the drops are round on one end tapered on the other, just like they're supposed to be. I can't wait to see everyone's next week!

  6. That drop art looks amazing! I love the curves and the little ones in the middle. I also like the stripy socks ;) Glad you got the blog stuff sorted!

  7. Love the banner Erin, the quilting looks very impressive too!

  8. great job with the drop art - you've been creative and made single rain drops too!
    I didn't do the waves yet - I'm kind of scared of long wavy lines ;)

  9. I think it looks great, Erin! Your drops really do look like drops! I think that is how my mind works while I'm sewing, too. Cannot multitask!

  10. Ooh I like how round your drops are. Very cool! And yes, I hope I can nail the squares because I'd love to do that in a quilt as well. Isn't that a great design?

  11. they are really good! seriously! well done I think I will be behind this week on the squares though :(

  12. I think you're doing really well with your FMQ - I haven't attempted the first one yet!


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