Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My winter sewing projects.

I don't know if I am biting off more than I can chew here, but I have decided to join Sarah from Fairy Face Designs- Winter Stitching because we all know that there will be many days of staying in out of the hail, sleet and snow that we have all come accustomed to here in Ireland.
So here is my list....I'm sure there will be some of you will chuckle at me and think "Very ambitious isn't she",.... but here it goes.

  • A Hexagon Quilt (from Fresh Quilting by Malka Dubrawsky)
  • A Simple Log Cabin Quilt.
  • A Wonky Log Cabin Quilt. (from The Modern Quilting Bee Block Party by Alissa Haight Carlton and Kirsten Lejnieks)
  • A Swoon Quilt 
  • A Windmills quilt (by Moda)
  • A Modern baby quilt  (from Fresh Quilting by Malka Dubrawsky) 
  • A Uneven Coin Block Quilt. (from The Modern Quilting Bee Block Party by Alissa Haight Carlton and Kirsten Lejnieks)
  • Finish place mats...all 12 of them.
  • 3 x A line skirts for myself, (two for winter and one summer skirt when I hit the land of OZ for Christmas)
  • A few mug rugs for practice.
  • Some little dresses for my niece.

So can you believe I actually have all the fabric for all these projects already.  ( I need to stop buying fabric)....so it should be full steam ahead, until I realised there are 7 quilts on my list and only 4 months to do these in....Yes I had a good chuckle to myself...Really Erin, where are you going to get all this time?  Should this be my list for the next year?

So Sarah, you may get back to me at the end of Autumn next year!


  1. Aim high, Erin!! ;) That is a lot of quilts, but you don't have to make them all full-sized, do you? Sounds like a fun list to me, and you just might surprise yourself with all that you really get done. Are you excited about your Christmas trip?

  2. wow - that's alot, but sounds like great fun!

  3. Crazy lady indeed but one with great intentions! I am sure you can start them all but finishing will be a great challenge - go for it Erin and we can cheer you on from the sidelines!

  4. Don't know when you changed your header (I'm a little behind on my blog reading), but it looks Fab!! I am enjoying reading everyone's Winter Sewing Lists, but am refraining from officially writing one of my own. But I should write it down somewhere, so I don't forget my ideas. Your have a wonderful list of projects. I am in love with Swoon to-- better go write that down on my bulletin board (that I hardly ever look at-- but at least I will remember when I do). I look forward to seeing all your projects come to fruitiion!

  5. You have to dream. It could happen.

  6. Does 'flipping heck' sound like the right response!!?

  7. Hahahahaha YES ERIN!!! Finally someone whose list resembles my ridiculous To Do List. Hilarious. I love it...whatever you start (and finish?) I will love visiting you along the way!

  8. Yup, you are going to be busy - how bad! (can you tell I've lived in Cork for far too long?) You have a great list there and I'm thinking there's a few books there I might need to add to my wish list on Amazon :-) Thanks so much for linking up!

  9. Biting off more than you can chew? Nah, I prefer to call it "dreaming big"! Great list!

  10. I love The Modern Quilting Bee book too and look forward to seeing what you make from it. It`s a long list but hey, aim big. That`s what I say - good luck with it!


  11. Thats a flipping long list! Good luck with it! Look forward to seeing what you get done!

  12. Are you planning on sleeping much?!! I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on (particularly looking forward to the swoon quilt!) - you can do it!!

  13. That's quite a list - good luck with it!

  14. Great list! Can't wait to see some of your projects.


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