Sunday, April 29, 2012

Will the dust ever settle?

This is the photo I had to send Cindy this week to show her why I hadn't sent over my FQ Scraps for the Modern Quilt Guild Ireland that had a dead line of this week......
My spare room that has turned into the new storage shed
and has got progressively worse as the week went on.

In the room is a Golf Buggy still in it's extra large box, the ladder, a sink, the old cabinet from the bathroom ample bits and pieces from the old shower, left over tiles and everything that you can think of in the way of creams, body lotions, facial scrubs from the bathrooms and behind all that junk are my boxes of fabric under the bed that is waiting for me to pull out.  A nightmare that will have to be faced soon as I am meant to be participating in the Retro Flower QAL and haven't even chosen my fabric yet.......get your socks on Erin.....

But on a happier note, My stash has grown over the past week.
Thanks to Kate at M is for make.
She has such a great service.

Two wonderful bundles of fabric that I have been wishing and wishing for but have been making an excuse not to buy.....but....

I did.

I do hope to get some sewing done this week with some cleaning and sorting out my bathrooms. 
It's all to hard to decide what mirror to get and where to put the new shelves.

Swoon top almost finished too.  Hooray!



  1. Remodeling is such a pain!! I still have bits and pieces of our bathroom in my sewing room from a renovation that started last October. The remodeling is mostly done, just random stuff that hasn't found a home yet. And a light fixture. But at least you have those fun new fabrics to cheer you up!

  2. ooh Swoon! Come on Erin! I want to see it!

  3. I hope that the renovations are done quickly. Your fabric bundles are very nice. Di xo

  4. Thanks for giving me all the excuses I need not to try to decorate the house!

  5. What great fabric! That poor room! =D

  6. The bundles look gorgeous!! Hope the renovations go smoothly :)

  7. Hope all your decorating gets finished soon. Your fabric bundles look fab :)

  8. your bundles are great are you doing more swooning with them or have you had enough !!


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