Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Book Crazy

Before Christmas I went on line and made a wish list on Amazon.

There were a few books I have seen around that I wanted to buy through recommendations and they seemed to be popping up on blogs. 
I seem to always have a wishlist on Amazon.  I like to ponder on the decision of buying for a little while.
( You wouldn't want to spend all your money on books and miss out of a new fabric range arriving.)

So I was glad to finally decide to get them...All five in one day. 

I have only flicked though each book but have already found some great ideas in them and am a wee bit excited especially about one.    Printing by Hand.

This was one of my plans for the year...I wanted to try my hand at some screen printing for myself.  A bit of fun but when I will get it done, I do not know.  It has some great ideas in it with some little patterns to try myself.  I can't wait.

I haven't looked though this yet but although very technical, I think there will be much to learn from it.


  1. Oh you could be the next Aneela Hooey! I have my eye on a couple of those myself and I also want Denise Schmidt`s new book and Tula Pink`s. The list is endless. Sadly. funds are not! Enjoy your books.

  2. Wow!! Some excellent choices - I got some Amazon credit for buying my car insurance, it's been keeping me in books for a while!

  3. Those books look rather interesting! I have a list of books I want to get! =D

  4. What a fun package!! I love to look through new books like that. I just picked up the modern blocks one last week. Have fun!!

  5. How fun! I have the two on the left & really like them both!

  6. Cool! Go off and learn! I can't wait to see what you print. If you get into it, we'd love for you to do a workshop at MQG Ireland retreat (hint...hint...)

  7. Enjoy your reading Erin, looking forward to projects in the future. Oh yes I see Cindy's comment I agree!

  8. Haha look like you have a new career Erin - screen print goddess!

    They all look good and I may have a couple of them and I may want more! Let us know what they are like inside!

  9. Have you checked out bookdepository.co.uk - often cheaper than Amazon because they have free delivery.


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