Monday, April 9, 2012

The next quater....

Once upon a time.........
When I first started quilting I made this very simple quilt for a friends little boy.

When I started off quilting I thought it was best to start somewhere that was achieveable.
  No Hexies or HST's here.
I went back to all of Red Pepper Quilts first quilts that Rita had on her blog and thought that this is where I start.  Something simple and easy.
Back then I thought I needed lots of fabric for making one quilt so I bought up big on this line
But then I realised I had enough to make two more quilts so with a few of the scraps I made up some Log cabins for the back ( blogged here)  Remember these?

Then off I went to quilt them.........
and off I went to quilt them........
and off I went to quilt them.......
are you seeing the pattern here.....
So you know the story, They are still sitting in the cupboard not finished.

2012 Finish-A-Long

So numbers 1 and 2 of my Finish a long is to finish quilting, and binding these quilts.
But wait... There is a trick to it.  I'm going to try some FMQ on them
(the thoughts of it is why they are still in the  cupboard I'd say.)

Now you may think that I am cheating and only putting two UFO's up.
But you see I do have a few others but I have never blogged about them so really I can't put them up.
I do have my Swoon, Kitchen Window, Retro Flower and Stained Glass to do also...
I'd say there will be  few projects for part 3 of Finish a Long Rhonda!



  1. So, if I don't blog about it those bags on the shelf don't count as UFOs? Sweeeeet!

  2. 2 is great - I only achieved one of mine last time!!

  3. The fabric on those blocks is so cute! How could you not have quilted them =P

  4. FAL with a challenge (FMQ). That is cool! Di xo

  5. You can easily do this Erin! Add some more onto your list!

  6. You can do it, Erin! :o) Love those fabrics,too. Can't wait to see the finished products.

  7. A great project to link to the FAL. Totally do-able in a quarter and it's a super cute project you'll want to return to. Great choice.

  8. You go girl!!! Get that FMQ started, once you start you can't stop!! YOu'll love it, love those log cabins too!

  9. I only picked 3 things. Let's do them and more! FMQ isn't so bad once you get going. It won't be perfect, don't expect it to be...just get that quilt going under your needle and go! That's what I tell myself anyway... :)

  10. Two things is a perfect goal! I only finished one of five from my list last quarter.

  11. I wanted to make a baby's play quilt - I bought 2 of each of seven fat quarters. Then I wanted to make Elizabeth Hartman's (Oh Fransson) Modern Sampler quilt and needed five more fabrics so I bought ten more fat quarters (five fabrics). I made one small quilt (36" square), two change table mats and a version of the Sampler Quilt - front and back - from those fabrics and still had left overs!


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