Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fresh Swooning Sewing Day.

Lily's Quilts

I haven't linked up to Lynne at Lily's Quilts for a long time.
Not that I don't want to,  but my excuses are....

1) I'm usually have nothing to show.
2) I am never organised enough to get my mosaic ready to link up to Lily's Quilts.

But I do drop over each month and do like looking through the small blogs.

This is what I have been up to for the past month.

Really all I have been doing is Swooning and a bit of cutting for my next quilt top, but will show you that another day.

And yes there is one missing..
I would have to admit, I needed a break from the Swoon blocks for a day or two. 
I hope to get it finished some time this week.

(Lynne I don't know what I do, but the button isn't working for me.)



  1. Amazing Erin really amazing, looks great! Fi

  2. The Swoon blocks are so pretty and the colours fresh and clear. These are going to make a cracking quilt. Di xo

  3. Really pretty swoons, the quilt will be lovely!

  4. Oh my, be still my heart - love seeing your swoon all together! Just one more - that's awesome!

  5. They look so pretty! Great job, Erin!

  6. I'm stopping by via Lily's Quilts. Your swoon blocks are beautiful.

  7. Fabulous - wonder if I can start before you finish....?

    Looking forward to seeing the elusive final swoon!

  8. love all those swoon blocks, looking forward to seeing the finished article

  9. Those are looking wonderful. It's great to see them all in the mosaic - a sort of quilt preview :)

  10. Those are some great blocks!(Why are they called swoon blocks?) =D


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