Sunday, May 13, 2012

A day of Sewing.

It was one of those days on Saturday.
Did I think about the washing that has piled up over the week?....No.
Did I think about the house being cleaned?  .... Um...No.
Did I think that I really should have an Erin day and do what I wanted to do?....You bet!

Usually on a Saturday, I get up, turn the lap top on, make a cup of tea and sit down and read some  many blogs and then by late lunch time I may switch on my sewing machine.

But this Saturday was different.  I got up quite early, (well early for me on a Saturday) and started on my Kitchen Window Quilt top and by lunch time this was the only thing hanging from pegs.....

A little bit more sewing and by early afternoon the quilt top was put on some hangers for a photo.

Now you may notice that not all blocks are in order.  I didn't want all the landscape blocks to orderly so some are and upside down and turned around  and again with the vertical blocks.  
I like a bit of disorder in my life. (not too much, just a little.) 
I was also going to use a lighter shade of grey for the sashing but am very happy with the white.  
You just can't go wrong with white can you!

A cup of tea was in need after these photos were taken but before long my itching to do some more stitching took over and by the evening, my last Swoon block was finished off.

Oh dear, now to make the decision on which block goes where?

Nothing else to show for this weekend.
By Sunday I could no longer ignore that the house needed to be cleaned and my uniform to be washed for Monday morning.

Mmm, Back to reality!



  1. Wow the kitchen window quilt top looks great. It's like the stained one, but looks much easier to cut! Love the colours and fabric choices. Great looking swoon block =D

  2. Erin, your quilt is looking so beautiful! I really like the white sashing with the grey around the blocks. And I can't wait to see your Swoon all together! Glad you took a day for yourself!

  3. Cleaning can wait. You cant put a price on sanity :) amy butler addiction much?

  4. Love your quilt top! It will be fabulous when finished : )

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day of sewing! Everything looks gorgeous! I especially like your swoon block.

  6. Love the quilt top! I cleaned yesterday during the day so I could sew late last night and tonight.

  7. The quilt top is beautiful. Wow. Sounds like a really good weekend :)

  8. Isn't it nice to have a day to spend as you want? The jobs are always waiting.... Your quilt top is very pretty and you worked hard to get it put together. Di x

  9. Nothing else? Are you kidding? That's quite an acomplishment already! That quilt looks great and I love the colors of your swoon block! So cool, Erin!

  10. Nothing else Erin! You are so slacking there! Hehe! Love the kitchen window - your view is now fabulous! Wouldn't it be great to see fabric instead of the neighbours house!?

    Can't wait to see your swoons - I still haven't started that one - So I need to see yours!

  11. The kitchen window looks phenomenal Erin! Well done another quilt top finished.

    Love the swoon block, cannot wait to see the whole top assembled. Like I emailed you I am on 2 out of 9 - (sigh) 7 more to go!

  12. What a great sewing day! Everything looks great!

  13. Love, love, love your new quilt top, Erin!! It looks so great and now I have found another block I HAVE to make... :)

  14. lovely quilt top!What a busy day. Fun.

  15. That quilt top looks beautiful - I'd love a Saturday like that - no chance for at least 6 weeks!

  16. Your quilt is just gorgeous! I found you by way of Confessions of a Fabraholic. What a great blog you have!

  17. I love your Kitchen Window quilt top - it's unusual and quirky!

    BTW, as you can probably tell, I have finally caught up with all your posts since 1 March! it is great to finally have an internet connection with a 21st century speed!

  18. I love the kitchen windows top, the colours are fab! I've just started mine, hope it's as good as yours!


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