Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Halloween Wedding Anniversary.

I haven't been around much of late and have no sewing really to show you.  But that doesn't mean the mind hasn't been ticking over thinking of new projects to do.

My FMQ was missed last week as Hubby and I had a weekend away in Galway for our Wedding Anniversary and to see the many delights of Halloween.   Galway put on the rain and wind for us so we were really indoors for the weekend...but maybe that is why there are so many good pubs in the city.
So between rain falling and the sun trying to peer through the clouds, I got some shopping in, and dropped into Pippa Blue and met up with Eva for a quick chat and one or two purchases.  Eva is my first Flickr contact that I have meet from the cyber world, and it was really nice to meet a fellow sewer.

And Cindy I did see  that cake shop.....but I kept walking...I was not aloud to be tempted.

I have finished my two weeks FMQ for Cindy's link. 
My Star...

Next time I will sew a cross first.  It was easier to see where the middle was but that didn't stop the wonky straight sewing....Maybe I should use a smaller piece of fabric.

Stomach Lining was a lot more fun,

Although half way through my hubby came over to ask if there were enough peas in the dinner for me.  So I had to try and look up and keep sewing at the same time, while turning the piece around.

I have also purchased some thread from Fiona's new store on etsy Threads 2000.

I wish I bought the green as well.

So not much else to show. 
I still have to blog about my two quilts but when ever the sun is shinning, I have been stuck in work.  The short days aren't helping either so hopefully I can get out today.
I have also two weeks of blogging to catch up with, oh a busy day ahead.    


  1. Erin, they look fabulous! And your stomach lining is amazing!! (Is that the weirdest comment ever?) Great work on the FMQ and Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!

  2. Happy Anniversary Erin! You going to the K&S show? I'm going Friday afternoon.

    Anyhow, nice selection of fabric. Oh and er I like the threads. I still have the green wink wink!

    Have a good day!


  3. So glad you had fun in Galway. It does rain a lot...I've often thought the same about the pubs - do we have so many just b/c of the weather? Maybe. Pippablue is so great, glad you had fun in there. Sorry you missed the cakes :)
    Your FMQ looks just beautiful. BEAUTIFUL! Well done.
    See you at the K&S? No unexpected camping will stop me from going. xx

  4. It was lovely to meet you too, Erin! It's a pity about the weather that weekend, it was so miserable. By the way, your FMQ looks great!

  5. Looking really good! Interrupted as well!

  6. wonderful job - all your star lines meet in the middle and your stomach lining looks good too - no "ulcers"- unlike mine LOL!

  7. Erin happy anniversary and glad you had a good albeit wet time! Your FMQ is fab - especially your stomach lining!

  8. Love the star and stomach lining :)

  9. Your free motion quilting blocks look really good! Happy Belated Anniversary to you both.

  10. Happy Anniversary!!!! I really like your FMQ! Who comes up with names like stomach lining (till yesterday this was not in my english vocabulary ;-) Learn something new every day!

  11. Happy (belated!) anniversary! Really like your FMQ and I'm looking forward to reading about your two quilts!

  12. Love the cute fabric!! Your star and your stomach lining are amazing - really great!! (it does just sound so odd and gross!). Happy Anniversary :)

  13. Happy anniversary.

    Your FMQ looks fabulous.

  14. Belated Happy Anniversary! Your fmq is brilliant!


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