Saturday, November 12, 2011

FMQ Friday Pine Needles and My New Fabric Stash.

You may not believe this but fabric stores in Ireland are few and far between.
It can get frustrating at times so when you can get your hands on quilting supplies, you can go a little bit crazy.
The Knitting and Stitching show was on this weekend in Dublin, (along with some bulls) so I headed over to get a few bits and bobs.  New larger mat, cutting rulers, freezer paper, bobbins (good idea Eva). 
I didn't spend much time there, as it was packed.  The stalls were really more for traditional quilters so no fabric was bought. And to be honest I don't even like shopping on a Saturday with crowds, so this was defiantly not my scene.  I like to just swan around like you can in a book store...take my time.  But it really was like 2000  bulls in a china shop so after an hour I legged it.

When I got home the postman had kindly left something behind the flower pot at the front door.

Now that's shopping for you!...Jealous?
I was really disappointed when Fabric Worm ran out of Daisy Chain (Prints Charming) and I wasn't leaving it to chance to wait to see if it was coming back in so I headed to  Charm Stitch at Etsy.  And there it was. 
 Expensive but well worth it.  ( Months fabric budget blown in one go)
But really I still have this.....
Jay - Cyn Designs

And this to use...
Kona Solids from River Fabrics
Head down now Erin no excuses not to start.

I am loving this FMQ each week.  It really puts me out of my comfort zone and this little bit of homework for me each week is playing on my mind all week to finish
(Oh, how it comes around so quickly) 
It also finishes up all my almost empty bobbins and my scraps of batting. 
(Yes I'm a hoarder...and I get it from my Grandmother)

So here it is.....Well some of it. 
(look right to left)
When I started , I sewed a line down the block.  It was easier to concentrate on the pine needles and not think of the straightness of the I found out in the third line.
(Because I didn't stick to logical thinking on this line).
I was playing around with the angle of the pine needle and then realised how messy it looks. So yes you need to keep the angle the same for each pine needle....
And then........I started thinking.  (light bulb please)  Pine Needles, Christmas Tree....Presents......
And this is what happened.

Oh... the power of  media.


  1. Loving that you went your own way! Great stuff Erin and look I think one of those presents is for you!

  2. Very cute Christmas tree! I have been wrangling with my new quilting frame this evening after a hectic day!

  3. I love your defiance in the face of crowds. I feel the same way. And your tree is lovely, with the presents around it.

  4. good job with the needles (I had a hard time keeping the angle same too) and I love your Christmas tree - very creative :)

  5. Oh my goodness you're funny :) Your needles look fab! I wish I thought of a nice straight line to work from - it totally worked for you!

    Love, love, love the fabric you found. So beautiful! Can't wait to see what you create!

  6. Presentation: 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 (Can you tell I love the tree?)

  7. Just love your trees and your fabric is yummy!

  8. Oh man, I'm so jealous of that bicycle fabric and I LOVE that Christmas tree :)

  9. The Christmas tree is so cute. Who knew that simple pine needles could lead to such creativity. Well done.

  10. Love all your new fabric and the FMQ looks great!

  11. I am in awe of your dedication to FMQ 'training' - It is one of those things I know I should practice...but never seem to get round to!

  12. Oh, I'm drooling with jealousy here. And so mad that I didn't spot the freezer paper at the K&S!! Who did you buy from?

  13. Very much jealous of the lovely fabric!! The fmq made me laugh a lot!! Fantastic and far more seasonal :)

  14. Oooh, I love how your needles grew up to become trees! And I totally agree about fighting crowds. Hate it!! I will gladly do my shopping online, but it is nice to be able to actually see fabric in person at some point. Glad you had some pretty mail to come home to!


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