Saturday, November 26, 2011

Look... I won!

Look, My first win from blogland. And aren't they so cute!

Lauren at Wilde Snapdragon Designs and I linked up together from Small Blog Meet at Lily's Quilts a few months ago.  I suppose I always find that I come back to these early followers of my blog because they helped me start and give me a bit of confidence that I could do the whole blogging thing too.
Now when I found out I won, I thought I was getting my favourite strippy heart...but oh no....look what else I got...A little felt pouch for my phone. A lovely broach, lots of little peg hearts. And when ever I go over to the bowl that they are sitting in the wonderful smell of lavender is so calming.
I really admire bloggers out there that sell their work too.  I think I'm a bit nervous that someone may not like their product when they see it in the flesh.  But have no fear..I LOVE THESE.  Now Lauren has re filled her Etsy store and has a few markets to go to in the comming weeks.
Thanks very much Lauren . 
Now back to some sewing...


  1. Lucky you, Erin! Enjoy your goodies :)

  2. Wow, lucky you. your work looks great.

  3. Ooh goodies! Yum ! Enjoy! You should have confidence Erin you're doing good!

  4. lucky you! lucky you! what beautiful goodies!

  5. Congratulations - it''s such a buzz to win something, isn't it?


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