Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Modern Quilt Guild Ireland Medallion QAL

When the Modern Quilt Guild Ireland decided to do a QAL this year I was happy to join along.
Medallion quilts wouldn't be on the top of my list of quilts to do  but  I thought that I would give it a go and be yet another quilt top I will start.
We are to head off and find some Medallion quilts that inspire us and make a mosaic of our favourites at our flickr group and find a few ideas on what we would like to make. 
I have found some amazing medallion quilts and lots with very detailed centres, but thought that I would move away from the star in the middle and try something different.  I do have the pattern template and sewing foot to sew curves and thought that maybe a flower from Retro Flower quilt would look nice in the middle ( yes another QAL that I never got around to doing)
Photo from the front cover of Retro Flower pattern.
Then I came across this block for the middle in one of my many books.

Wedged in found in Modern Blocks.
 Yes the ideas are changing all the time and although there will be lots of flying geese, I seem to find more and more little ideas for framing my flower. Although I do want to incorporate a few curved blocks into the edging too.

And then I found this block.
I wouldn't know where to start with this block, maybe I should shelve this for another project.

Drop over to the Modern Quilt Guild Ireland if you want to see what others are making.


  1. I like seeing your train of thought and look forward to seeing what you do!

  2. Wedged In would be perfect! I like that you're branching out from a star :)

  3. Those frames look really interesting. I really like the retro flowers too.

  4. I love the last two blocks - may have to try them myself!

  5. So much inspiration so little time :) Love your ideas for this Medallion Quilt.

  6. oooohh lots of inspiration there Erin! looking forward to seeing the progress.

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