Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Modern Irish Bee 2014

I signed up for the Modern Irish Bee again this year,  and have had two sets of blocks to make.
This year we are encouraged to find blocks to make that our hard working bees can make from our own scrap stash.  I love these bees as it really makes me use up my scraps.  We are to also use white Ash or snow Kona.
January was Ruth's month and was a fantastic block inspired by Oh Fransson, We were asked to make blocks that were 1 ½ “  squares and be bright and colourful.


I really should press my blocks before I take a photo.
Ash, and snow Kona was also used. Ruth looking forward to seeing your top.
February was Cindy's month . 
I must say spool blocks are fun,

I hope they are not too dull for you Cindy. 
I found the fabric tricky to pick but I hope you like.

I would have to say, my old bee group (Bee a Brit stingy) will be well shocked that I have January and February's blocks done and am twiddling my thumbs waiting for March to come around.
Happy Sewing


  1. Looks like a fun Bee, congratulations on getting ahead of yourself too :)

  2. Gorgeous blocks!! Well done for being early with your blocks - that's no mean feat!

  3. I had red fabric for the spool from Cindy and everyone of them looked so bright. Your grey ones look so calm and mature. Love them.

  4. Love the side on photograph showing the little squares! I had red from Cindy too and went way bright, it'll be cool to see them all together. Thanks for making me such lovely blocks!

  5. Your blocks are so super pretty! I love both Ruth's and mine. Thank you, miss wonderful Erin! xx

  6. LOVE the first two blocks! LOVE!

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