Saturday, March 1, 2014


I'm slowly making progress on my Medallion quilt.
I finally chose which block for the centre and some fabric.
My little bits of fabric were cut and are together.
It was looking bright already.

I was happy how the circular blocks turned out but they were very fiddly and took a long time to prepare (freezer paper and bond a web)
The little yellow curve blocks are only an inch wide and when I tried to sew the orange blocks, I gave up after the first one  and pulled out the bond a web again.
 I was so impressed with Cindy's block and how good it looked when it was set with triangles that I wanted to give it a try with mine.  The centre block was only 12" and was a bit small, I needed to bump it up to 15" or more or it would be lost as the quilt top grew with borders.
It took me a while to decide what fabric to use to set my block in.  I wanted to take a chance with the black and white fabric but thought it would be overpowering. 
Glad I took the chance now.
My next border seems a little thick and haven't decided if I am going to cut it back or not. 
The top measures 24" and know that will be easier to set the next border if I keep it at this size.

I am off to find some white Kona and scraps to make some flying geese or maybe just some HST's.
I'm a little behind on my borders but I'm sure I will catch up some time soon.
If you would like to join in with us, please do.  You can find us here.
The next linky party will be on the 5th of March.
Happy Sewing


  1. This looks wonderful! Those colours are perfect for the design you've chosen - really fresh and beautiful :)

  2. Beautiful! The black and white works so well and I love your fabric choices!
    p.s. Word verification = argh!

  3. Your block looks beautiful turned on point.

  4. It looks brilliant - no worries here keep going!

  5. This looks fabulous. I love the semi-circular center block and it's great on point with that dotty black print. Gorgeous make, E.
    I'm way behind on my next border. Scared I might not have anything to show at our next linky. Eeek!

  6. It's gorgeous Erin, I am sure that the border will be fine when you add the next one. Love the black and white background fabric too :)

  7. I love it - the tiny 1" yellow centres especially - I don't think I could manage that. Very effective for the centre and I like the thick border- keep going! Looking forward to seeign the next bit.

  8. Looks nice. Colour is great. How did you manage to piece so small curves. Amazing.

  9. I have the book with a similar pattern for this block and must say that I barely gave it two glances, but on point it is fabulous! I might be pulling out that book again for another look.

  10. I so admire those curves. Too stress inducing for me to try!

  11. Erin, this is just so lovely. The fabric in the border is gorgeous. You must be so pleased with the way it has turned out? xCathy

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