Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My stamp it up swap

I know it is awfully late of me to write this post but better late than never.

Last year I put my name down for a swap...( a month before my first child was born...What was I thinking????) Really I couldn't resist as it was a swap organised by Nicky at Mrs Sew and Sow.
Nicky had organised a frame purse swap the year before and I really loved learning to make them and know that I will use the skill to make more in the future so I joined again for this swap.
My imagination and time was limited and I wanted something modern....could I think of anything with 3 week baby no, but I did see something that inspired me.  Cora's first toy.

This is Lady B

and the other side is Buzz

Cora has had many hours enjoying her first toy and finally she can grasp it herself, ( so now I can have a cuppa)
But it wasn't until it was sitting on the table one day that I realised its geometric shapes on it.  How simple but very effective I said to myself. (I did tell you I had baby brain didn't I)

So off I went to try this out.  I knew that I would need a number of stamps so the pattern was not all the same.
 I did have an idea for my partner, and a cover for a note book would be quick.  I do know that she has a computer program to design her quilts but I sometimes find it is when you are just sitting at a table and having a coffee, that these little ideas come into your head for a quilt design and it is always good to have a book to jot these ideas down.
My design book is just a simple school science book.  Graph paper on the left for your design and lines on the right page to jot down your notes. I also like to pick out my fabric and stick it in.
My quilt design book.
 After picking out the fabric and making my stamp to incorporate into the gift I went to work using Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting notebook tutorial for a book cover.


It is a quick make if you can follow a pattern and not sew the wrong side of the fabric back to front. ( I think I did it twice)
I know it wasn't the best in the world Sarah but I  hope that you do like it.

I did make a brown linen and orange too, just to see how it would work out. 
So what did I get in the mail......he, he, he,
I always forget that you are going to receive something when you do these swaps and I was very lucky to receive this from Collette at Poppy and Poochie

Hit the nail on the head Collette and I did post a photo being used straight away with my mince pie and cup of tea on Instagram.
Collette also sent me a little lavender bag...yep put that in Cora's clothes draw straight away...

Thanks again to Nicky for organising the swap.  I do enjoy the pressure of what to make.
Happy Sewing.


  1. It was a GREAT swap - I love your stamp. Maybe we can convince Nicky to do another one ... soon!!!!>

  2. I think what you made was AWESOME! So glad to see you also received a pretty in return. Three cheers all around ;)

  3. Your item is great! You sound just like me: I love the pressure of getting outside my comfort zone, and I never even give a thought how something's being made for me at the same time! So glad you're enjoying your little one.

  4. You gave me a lovely surprise Erin! Looks great ! Haha Amy! Maybe....!

  5. You made a lovely swap item and it is impressive that you did it with a new born and probably little sleep.
    Di x

  6. It was a fun swap, your notebook cover was definitely inspired. Nice swap package in return too. Hope your brain is slowly getting back to normal :)

  7. I love both what you made and what you received!

  8. It looks fabulous. Quick question where did you get that notebook, it is the perfect design book!

  9. I love the book you made. A notebook is is such a great swap gift :)

  10. Great design with your stamp! The book cover is a lovely idea.

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