Friday, August 2, 2013

Playing the waiting game.

Someone has me up very early this morning. 
 No, it hasn't arrived but moving back and forth across my protruding belly.
I thought it best to just get up and get a bit of muesli and a cuppa into me and start the day...I have a great excuse then to go for a Nana nap this afternoon.
Anyway there are two more finishes that I have been meaning to show.

I found this kimono cardigan pattern on the looked dead easy, (just what I wanted) but it is very thick. Maybe a bit too thick for this lovely weather we are having. 
I did knit it in a 4 ply but wished I had chosen something a bit lighter.
The hat has been knitted in a bamboo/wool and is so fine and really soft.
I loved the feel of it so much that there is another little wrap around cardigan almost finished in it. 
 I better get my skates on if I want to finish it before he/she arrives.
I have given up on any more sewing at the's not the sewing, I would rather just keep my feet up now and I get too tired standing at the cutting board and ironing those HST's .
I am hoping it will be only temporary and that once baby arrives and we find our routine that bub will give me a bit of time to do the odd bit of sewing again.

Until then it will have to be a bit more of this.

To keep me away from doing this.

Happy sewing.


  1. Such a cute kimono cardigan!

  2. they are gorgeous Erin good luck with the coming event :)))

  3. Such cute baby knits! Your baby is lucky to have a mom that can knit. And good luck with the impending arrival!!

  4. The cardigan is lovely! Rest up these last few days/weeks before the wee one arrives. xoxo

  5. Gorgeous cardi Erin! Take advantage of all the rest you can now, you will wish you had once Junior arrives :)

  6. Oh Erin, it's so cute! Hope you are well. The waiting at the end is the worst. Rest all you can because you'll be so busy once he/she arrives!

  7. Yep feet up and enjoy the peace and quiet, because you will miss it!!!

  8. Cute knits! Rest up and good luck with everything! After a little while they seem to settle into a routine and you get a little bit of sewing time when they nap. How long that takes depends on the baby!

  9. Love the cardigan, you should indulge in some shpping the fabrics are amazing!

  10. Chill girl - you are doing so well and making beautiful things! You did give me a bit of a start though!


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