Monday, July 29, 2013

A kick up the beehind for bee blocks.

I've been a bit lax on the bee blocks of late.

The blocks each month that have been requested for Bee a bit stingy have been fantastic and the pressure is on for me to find a good block to try out in October when I am queen bee.
These blocks are for Collette at Poppy and Poochie.  So going to put this quilt on my list of
These next blocks were for Shelia at Blue patch Quilter 
Then I was delighted to get Nicky's block request early ...I'm expecting August to be a write off.

SO I am up to date for the singy group. 

The Modern Irish Bee is coming to an end of its first year. 
I have loved how relaxed this bee is.
These are some of the blocks that I had to get done.

Some triangles in Glimma for Anneliese  at Mail from a cheeky monkey
I haven't tied to sew Triangles before so it was all a learning curve for me.

I love these solid tumblers that Judith from Just Jude got us to do.
Again I have never tried tumblers before.  We also had to contribute a tumbler for each block...I chose to do a scrappy tumbler in each.
 The navy really frames them well too.
I still have one more block to do.  Scrappy Chevrons.  (Sorry Eva). 
It will be done before this kicking baby arrives!

Happy sewing.



  1. You are doing brilliantly! And I'd happily help you out if you need an angel block or two! Don't worry or stress Erin! That kicking baby will be taking up your time soon!

    Love my blocks - such cute fabrics!

  2. So many lovely blocks! Both bees seem like a lot of fun given the great fabrics and blocks you've worked with.

  3. They are all brilliant. Love the tumblers, think that will make a really striking quilt.

  4. Fantastic blocks!! Aww I remember those kicks :)

  5. Great blocks Erin, looking fab as usual! Well done!

  6. Wonderful blocks, I have no idea how you're managing to make them all!

  7. Great title Erin :) I am sure your Bee mates will love their blocks, and totally understand the delays!

  8. You are way ahead of me on the bee front. Don't forget to shout if you need help with the Stingy ones as the baby will take your time up and we all understand that. Di x

  9. They all look great! (That's a lot of bees.) I'm getting ready to try triangles for the first time myself -- any advice?

  10. Hola gusta mucho tu blog ,lo encuentro hermoso,tus trabajos en patchwork son hermosos...desde ahora vendre mas seguido a visitarte,las fotografias son geniales.
    Cariños amiga desde Chile.


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