Sunday, July 14, 2013

Jumping over hurdles.

With only a few weeks to go and a couple of weeks after that (they never come when they should),
 I thought that I better get some things ready for this bundle of joy that is going to turn our lives upside down.
I have been looking around the past few months for a couple of things to make for the wee one, and have found a few tutorials but was hoping there was a linky party that would bring me to all of them at once..(I'm becoming a bit lazy, my hubby is bringing everything to me, why can't the internet?)
Now my list for this baby  is like all of my lists at home....never ending, so I have decided that I will make two things a week (if I can) and hope for the best...maybe I will get that extra two weeks to get a few more projects done.  Some of the projects are big and some are small.
I thought that I would start with a nice and easy project....bunting.
This is about all I am going to do to decorate the half room the baby my stash and sewing machine will be on the other side of the room (for the time being)
I knew Sarah at Fairyface Designs had a bunting tutorial so I got my bundle ready and off I went.

Safari Soiree by Burch Fabrics

The toucans are my favourite.

I know they are a bit boyish but that is what I think I am having...I have a second set of bunting  cut out of Little Apples to sew just in case I have a little girl.

I popped it up on the wall in the kitchen to get an idea of how it looks.

I love this line of fabric and bought a FQ bundle of it when it first came out.
I love the colours, prints and that it is organic. 
Eventually I will get around to make a baby quilt or two out of the rest of the bundle.
The second project this week was this.
Look at that fat belly!
Lining of a moses basket.

At the beginning of this pregnancy, I said to myself I would not be sucked into buying all these extra things that these so called lists tell you that you need.
Who makes these lists up anyway...obviously its the stores so you buy more and more and more.
(I go by my lists and my lists only)
I wasn't going to buy a Moses basket as I didn't see the point of buying one for only a few weeks of use, so when there was a chance of scoring one for a tenner I grabbed it.
 I knew I could make a new lining for the basket so nothing really hard here, I just unpicked the bottom and improvised with the rest.
I have a lot of Amy Butler in my stash that I really needed to start using up so this is how it ended up looking.

I quilted the lining with straight lines (surprise, surprise)

I have also made a fitted sheet with some moda fabric in the big stash cupboard.
(I'll make a few more if these at some stage.)
Next weeks projects?
I 'm going to make some burping bibs...or spew bibs as I like to call them and maybe seeing that we are having such a heat wave in Ireland...(gosh this makes me laugh!!!)  A car seat cover. 
Until next week
Happy Sewing


  1. Love the lining! I am so glad I made mine for Baby MiH's Moses basket! He loved it. Worth the effort, and they look so cute in their baskets!

  2. You have been busy !! all looking good love the bootees on you other post so cute :))

  3. Two absolutely gorgeous finishes. This kiddo is going to be living it up in style!

  4. Love the bunting and the Moses basket looks fab now it has had a revamp! Di x

  5. Brilliant job on the lining. Good for you sticking to your lists.

  6. Being heavily pregnant in a heat wave in Ireland has got to be such bad luck! Your belly is really cute. As are your baby finishes. Don't worry about a swag seeming too boyish. She won't care til she's about 3 anyway! Are you an expat Aussie living in Ireland? I remember reading that about someone's blog I read. I was pregnant with my third child in Feb 2009. We lived in Renmark on the Murray River in SA and it got to 48*C one Saturday! It was the hottest day on record. I stayed u der the air conditioner in bra and shorts only for the whole day.

  7. So cute!! I'm still trying to finish a quilt for my coming bundle of joy. I can't even bring myself to add to the list as I can't make it past one item.

  8. Aw Erin your baby makes are delightful. Your little bundle of joy is a very lucky baby.

  9. Really cute bunting and your revamped Moses basker is lovely. Check out Pam's Link Parties at Threading My Way I think she has one just for baby items.

  10. Hi Erin
    We think you are having a boy too!


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