Monday, August 12, 2013

Stamp, stamp, stamp.

Ok I know that I will be hard hit for time but I couldn't resisit joining up to Nicky's new swap.

Stamp it up!

Nicky tried this out as one of her classes at the FQ retreat recently in London.
I love that we that are unable to get to the FQ Retreat can still get something out of the weekend with a new skill.  Last year it was the Frame Purse swap which I loved.

No you don't have to be an artist,
No it doesn't cost a bomb
(All you need is an eraser and a little carving knife, some tracing paper....(did you think I could draw?) and a fabric ink pad that once ironed will be permanent on the fabric)

Think of all the lovely things that you can do with your new skill.
You could make your own labels for your quilts.
You could make your own business cards or thank you cards to send off with your sold items.
The list is endless.

Nicky has three tutorials here if you want to go over and have a look.

If you are interested this is what you have to do.
Join up over at the Flickr group and post your mosaic.

You will receive a SECRET PARTNER to make a stamp and then use the stamp to make a small gift for them.
One item extras!
When you sign up you can suggest what you would like...coaster, mug rug, framed purse, pin cushion
What have you got to loose.

Sign ups - Saturday 10-17th August 2013 or until 40 eligible swappers have completed the Sign Up form.
The rest can be found on the Flickr group

Here is my Mosaic.

I love things simple (and easy)
I think one of these little Scandinavian flowers would be very easy to carve, or a little bird.
(I did look for a moose but couldn't find one)

I can't wait to start...Are you coming over to join?

Happy Stamping.



  1. I love the cherry blossom inspiration stamp!

  2. Thanks Erin for the shout out! Well put!

  3. I'm seriously thinking about it! Your enthusiasm may have put me over the edge :)

  4. I sat next to Nicky in class and she was good. I, on the other hand, was bad. Please pity my partner in this swap!!! Di x


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