Monday, August 27, 2012

Swaps everywhere.

There are a good few swaps around at the moment

I was lucky to join the Uk and Ireland Japanese Charm Swap with Susan at Narcoleptic in a Cupboard...I am still undecided what I am to buy...have a few ideas. but in the end I think this is what I am going to put up on the flickr group as bought.
Rebecca at Making Rebecca Lynne is hosting a Low Volume Swap
Very excited about this one.  I do hope that I can join.

56 participants so get in early!
I better go shopping......


  1. Hahaha swaps are so much fun! =D

  2. I joined the Low Volume Swap, too. :) And I think I have to go shopping twice as one of the prints I posted in the Flickr group flunked the requirements. lol I'm new to the Low Volume thing. Oh well.. I'll go fabric shopping again if I have to. ;) (no arm twisting necessary-hehe)


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