Saturday, August 11, 2012

A surprise parcel with little green owls.

On Wednesday...(hey I have been working!) when I got home from my staff meeting (at 9pm) I was greeted by a very VERY big parcel on my kitchen table. 

I was really flabbergasted to what this parcel could be..It wasn't fabric (believe it or not!) because that size parcel would attract Custom officers and you don't want those knocking on your you.  No.

Ah I thought....'Could this be my frame purse from the swap 'In the frame purse swap' run by the lovely Nicky and Helen.

So I opened it and look what was inside......

My wonderful and very generous partner Christiane from Lake Caillean made me this

I am so in love with my is cracking.  I love the colours and the shape of it and I have an idea for it already. 
and then I opened it.......

It was like Mary Poppins carpet bag.....bottomless .

Did you see all this? 

All these yummy chocolates were inside this wonderful, superb, fantastic purse.
Mr T was laughing when I kept taking out the chocolate one by one.

Obviously Christiane you read my hint on how much I love chocolate..
Do you know how hard it was when I opened it at 9pm on Wednesday night, not to open any of these.....I had to keep them for a photo the next morning.
(which my neighbour was looking out the window at me thinking I was a nutter arranging all this chocolate and a purse for some photos.  Don't worry I gave her a wave ....Nosey!)
Now also with all this lovely chocolate, there was a little jar of homemade Chili Strawberry jam to try and I will have to let you all know, it went down a treat for breakfast this morning on my toast.  It's already on the breakfast menu tomorrow morning.

Time to go and get a few bits of pieces done, and stop to have a chocolate with a cuppa......
(I think there will be lots of tea today)

I have finally made my decision on my colours for my Totally Groovy quilt.  I hope to get it started some time next week.  Apart from that I really need to get off this computer now and get a bit of sewing done now.



  1. How on earth did Christiane squeeze all those chocolates in that gorgeous purse?!! Enjoy all your cups of tea ;o)

  2. What a fun little purse! And so many good things stuffed inside. Looks like a fabulous swap!!

  3. Yes that was a wee extra you got - hehe! Lucky you! Glad you like it...Christiane did a great job!

  4. Wow that must be one large purse! What an amazing lot of goodies! Hahaha my Father gives me that looks all the time =D

  5. Oh. My. Goodness. Christiane, you are just fab.

  6. wow, what a fantastic package and lovely goodies with it too

  7. It is indeed a lovely purse and what a great surprise!


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