Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sew Sew Sew.

I have been finishing up bits and pieces this week

One of my first projects was to make a cover for this little buddy...My Kenwood.

Kenny ( I know not the most original name)  sits on my kitchen bench.  Although if I had the cupboard space I would put him away, but then I don't think I would use him as much if he was tucked away. 
Well, he was getting a bit dusty ( as things do) and thought that he needed a cover and this is where this little parcel came to my rescue..... 1/2 yard of Summerville Oil Cloth (or Laminate.)

Before I got to even sew I realised that I needed another small piece, so back to Lucie's shop on Etsy and another FQ bought....that should do it! (Lucie must think I am mad)

I have never used Laminated fabric before so there was some unpicking and a bit of fussing with the  settings on the sewing machine to accommodate for the thickness of the fabric but really I was very happy with the final product.

 ( Don't mind those rotten tiles in the background...the are going very, very soon.....)

I have also been making some cards for when I (hope) to sell a few quilts.  I thought that I could put the washing instructions on the back so the buyer will know the best way to look after their quilt.
It's a great way to use up bits of fabric that you have in the scrap box.

My cushion was stuffed with some old stuffing but I think it may need some more.

And some quilting was done...two quilts to finish for the Finish a long that Rhonda is hosting.  
I have to get these finished before the end of the month....better get cracking on them.....
It is really my first time trying FMQ to quilt.  I'm a straight line gal so it has been a challenge.

Mmm a cup of tea is well deserved I think before I get cracking on the binding.

Happy Sewing!



  1. Boy you have been busy! I should really make a cover for my mixer too! And what clever little tags! A good idea for Christmas too!

  2. Busy girl indeed and a successful outcome in all projects by the look of it! Well done Erin! I have one more project to quilt in the FAL and one week to do it!

  3. wow, you have been very busy. Love how the cover turned out. And looking forward to seeing the blue quilt in all its glory

  4. Love your Kenwood cover, I have never sewn with oilcloth before but the Summerville fabric looks great, will have to have a go I think!

  5. Love Kenny's cover. Do you think it would be better to put the washing instructions on a label on the back of the quilt so they can't be misplaced? Just thinking!

  6. You have been every busy! The tags are a great idea, if you cant afford labels! Did you just sew the fabric straight to the card? Loving the pillow and the quilting! =D

  7. Your FMQ is looking spectacular! And I'm loving your cute little cards :) Great makes!

  8. You have been really busy. I can only echo Cindy above - the FMQ is awesome! Di x

  9. your kenwood cover is awesome and of course wipeable!!! smart thinking! I have a Kenwood from the 70s I think. It was my friend's mum and I adore it but not as nice looking as your Kenny! Cute cards by the way, another fab idea.x

  10. Lovely projects! Mr Kenwood looks fab, those cards are a great idea and your cushion is beautiful :)

  11. Those cards are so fun, Erin! And great mixer cover, too. I shrank mine in the wash so I really need to make one that fits. Your fmq is looking good so far!

  12. What a great idea to make a cover for your mixer. My kitchen here in Japan is itty-bitty with no room for a mixer... but I will be reunited with mine for the summer - I do (sometimes) miss it! I am a fellow Plum and June blog-hopper.

  13. Your cards are such a nice idea - great for scraps! I recently won an entire box of scraps and quilting goodies from Mary Fons from her first Quilty magazine photo shoot and it's so much that I'm sharing! If you're interested, please sign up for my give-away

  14. Oh my goodness I LOVE your cards. They are really great! Your so creative :)


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